***Changing Zoom Lenses***

This group will be for those who shoot in wide angle (20mm-) or zoom lenses (70mm+). It will NOT BE for the standard 21-69 mm range lenses or photos in HDR.

Recent Work

  • Kratie Boatman by Werner Padarin
  • More Moss And Autumn Leaves Than Water by Gene Walls
  • Angel of Judgement, Angel Gabriel - St. Marys Historical Church by John Schneider
  • Vietnamese Music & Dance Performance 9 by Werner Padarin
  • Delaware Falls On A Warm October Day by Gene Walls
  • Working Man's Ute by Werner Padarin
  • Australian Magpie #2 by johnrf
  • These Sacred Walls by John Schneider
  • 60's Glass by John Schneider
  • 2003 Impreza WRX by Matthew Hutzell
  • Up, up and away.... by John Schneider
  • Tante Ju by John Schneider

About This Group

This group will be for shots taken with cameras that have interchangable zoom lenses. The group will have shots taken in zoom (70+mm) or micro (20-mm). They can be from any Camera maker.

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Membership of the group is by invite only.

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