an art venue focused on cemeteries, mausoleums and monuments to the dead


  • dasSuiGeneris

    My Empire of Dirt by dasSuiGeneris

    I have let you down.
    I have made you hurt.

    196 words
  • RavenMunro

    Your Bed by RavenMunro

    Now you lie in the grave you dug
    The dark hole you went to willingly
    You complain that no one cares
    That no one will help you out

    157 words
  • uncleblack

    i am closed by uncleblack

    the rooks are one of the things i hear
    most present,
    settling in for the roost.…

    but there are other things too.

    i knew the animals were moving,
    i had seen then, and now i can hear them
    the last of daylig

    177 words

    summing up life by SNAPPYDAVE

    We cannot revisit our past to change those things that haunt our conscience in the present. We can however consider the outcomes from these same events to help inform the choices we make in the futur…

    69 words
  • uncleblack

    sanctuary lamp by uncleblack

    hushed velveteen air comforts you,
    there is no stirring, no movement,
    just the silent, silent, settling.…

    gold flickering shadow dancing,
    the small wax pillar
    holds up the night,
    in restfulness, with no m

    77 words
  • uncleblack

    is summer come by uncleblack

    is summer come?

    wrestling the wounds
    there was only one sobbing,
    tearful echoes
    drew us all into ones suffering.

    is summer come?

    where you have gone,
    we do not dictate
    nor assume,
    we only know you were hum

    93 words
  • DreamCatcher/ Kyrah

    Yesterday by DreamCatcher/ ...

    You are in 3d from where I am

    138 words

    My Erin go bragh by SNAPPYDAVE

    If my blood must spill tomorrow
    in foreign fields afar
    will you promise to bring me home
    to my beloved Erin go bragh

    287 words
  • uncleblack

    journey III by uncleblack

    a daybreaks upon us one by one
    each morning it comes
    upon us, one by one.…

    another one has slipped from view
    your life is changed now, made anew.

    remotely put my arms around you,
    my friend, this is your t

    78 words
  • RavenMunro

    Commuter Necrosis by RavenMunro

    People sit staring at their feet
    or out the window while listening to their ipod
    Pod people trying to to drown out the tiny signs of life around them

    216 words
  • DreamCatcher/ Kyrah

    Whispers by DreamCatcher/ ...

    Ocean of a frozen fish
    with secrets of tye dye waters
    I was singing but no one
    could here me
    I was shuffled behind your ego

    129 words
  • DreamCatcher/ Kyrah

    Arrow In Your Heart by DreamCatcher/ ...

    Life is like a arrow in your heart
    Death begins right from the start

    175 words
  • Rhonda Strickland

    Grandmother by Rhonda Strickland

    Did you ever long to recall
    Days when I was so very small?
    When I cried out for you to come near,
    You helped to ease my childish fear.

    120 words
  • uncleblack

    over the shoulder by uncleblack

    i am now gone
    and all views are backward glances,
    any sound i make
    is just an echo.…

    the mirror no longer sees me
    the automatic doors, remain closed,

    i am gone now
    and all views are backwards,
    all words are

    42 words
  • Charmiene Maxwell-Batten

    Her Last Days by Charmiene Maxw...

    The day mum died I noticed the breezy day outside. Leaves were fluttering in the windy air and I knew she was dancing with the trees.

    811 words
  • Louise Morris

    The Send Off by Louise Morris

    “Maybe now you’ll believe me when I say you were popular.” I tell him as I arrange the flowers I’ve bought. Obby’s definitely not a flowers kind of guy, but he’s not really in a position to argue. …

    906 words
  • LordMasque

    Knave of Knives by LordMasque

    I once thought I was still alive….
    Till I met the Knave of Knives…

    His coffin’s coffers
    bought with blood,
    and wilted flowers
    hissing buds

    On crooked tables
    the cards are turned

    with blades in chalice
    & top

    96 words
  • uncleblack

    boxes by uncleblack

    how quietly you rest
    where the meadow grasses sway
    where on a good day
    the view will stretch for miles.…

    you rest so quietly,
    beneath the horse chestnut
    where the rooks roost.

    how quietl

    71 words