Group Rules:

Any submissions that appear to desecrate burial grounds, promote vandalism
or, in any other way are disrespectful, will be deleted. Acceptance of
artwork is at the discretion of the group moderator. Please limit
submissions to two per day. Be creative, have fun and share your best work

Guidelines for Submission:
Images submitted should posses some type of artistic value, be techincally correct and be pertinent to the subject of the group.

Common reasons for work being rejected:
Excessive digital noise in photographs
Photos that have been overprocessed in PS or other sofware program with no artistic value.
Does not have artistic interest ( photos of family gravemarkers and stones, unimaginative use of perspective, poor use of color, light and shadow in photographs).
Does not fit subject matter ( religious artwork that has no obvious context in cemetary art, memorials, etc).
Too many similar pieces. If there are already dozens of pieces that depict angels, yours should be something different and fascinating that will catch the attention of a viewer in order for it to be accepted.
Please submit only your best work, that which is artistically interesting, tecnically accurate and fits within the group guidelines.