Group Rules:

1. All things Celtic~ places, people, art .Flowers are fine if in a garden or in the wild NO MACRO SINGLE FLOWER SHOTS PLEASE there are groups for this
2. Please state location of photograph (if its a place -fictional artwork depicting a Celtic theme is exempt from this.)
3. Please keep to 3 per day to be fair to others people seen to abuse this will have images removed without notice.
4. The main point of this group is to bring all things Celtic to one group.
5. Images may be manipulated ,Photoshop creations with Celtic themes are welcome.
6. By joining this group you give the hosts full rights to use your images as challenge avatars.
The Forums
Are for the use of conveying information, help & advice, or for making announcements and /or tips that will be of benefit to the group, and not for any political/religious views or commentary.
Any member found doing so will be removed from the group immediately.