Cat's Pajamas & Dog's Tuxedo - NO PRODUCTS

Group Rules:

Welcome to ✿⊱╮Cat’s Pajamas & Dog’s Tuxedo. I hope you will enjoy being part of this group of wonderful artists ☺
These are the group rules, when you join the group you agree to follow these rules:

Big cats like lions, tigers, cheetahs and such. Domestic only.
Stuffed animals, toy cats/dogs, cartoon cats/dogs, ceramics, humans with cat heads or abstracts, I want recognizable animals.
Extreme close-ups and cat/dog-parts only, like a tail, a paw, whiskers, an eye.
Images of neglect, illness, cruelty or caged animals.
Framing and writing on images.
Images for which the main page presents as anything other than the default (550px) “Image only” will not be accepted.

No daily limits – no total limits – because I trust you not to flood the group.
FYI: All images are accepted or refused at the sole discretion of the Hosts. Rejections will not be debated or explained. I simply don’t have the time.
Flooding and re-entering rejected work wil get you removed from the group without warning.

From this day on I will be adding my own work to the group. I will of course not be featuring myself – nor will I take part in any challenges. 2-23-15

Rules/Guidelines are subject to minor changes without notification.
Rules updated 7-4-18