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01-10-13... ♥BABY'S ROOM♥...a Nursery for Kittens additions 1-29-16

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A big round of applause to tinypaws who has graciously agreed to design the picture for this header and the banners you will receive.
Thank you so much for your wonderful work. You are not only featured member but also honorary member of Cat’s Pajamas.

Baby’s Room is a new permanent build-on feature page in Cat’s Pajamas. It is accessible from the front page.
We celebrate the start of a long lasting relationship with these wonderful little companions that we can’t live without.

Pictures for this gallery must be tagged “kitten” and the kittens must be under one year old to qualify.
As a general rule portraits will not be favored – we want the whole little bundle of joy – but I will probably be seduced to make exceptions☺
New entries will be added at the top.
So feel free to bring your little darlings to our new Nursery…. we want to share your joy and we will take good care of them♥

Christmas Wishes
by tinypaws

Kitty Dreams
by Russel Ball

by Sarah Mac

Beam Me Up Mammy
by Ladymoose

by Peter Williams

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
by Ladymoose

The Calico Kitten
by Peter Williams

Kitten in snow
by jankolas

Teach Your Kitten Volleyball by Ladymoose

Daddys Home!!! by Ladymoose

by Ladymoose

“Fairy Art – Kittens and the Snow Fairy” by AlessandraArt

“With the world on my shoulders by ladymoose”

Bring the lamp a little closer by tinypaws

Kitten Play by littlecritters

Twinkie Twinkie Little Star by vigor

Black cat moon by Lynn Starner

Pawsing For Thought by Ladymoose

sly by AnnaAsche

In a tree by Ana Belaj

Not Never Not I by Ladymoose

Sad Young Lady by KLIMAS

Why did you scare me? by Ana Belaj

Bird Watching by littlecritters

Thunder in the barn by Lynn Starner

Garden kitten by Lynn Starner

Pile Up by Ladymoose

I Didn't Do Nuffin' by Bunny Clarke

We s Only Playing Momma by Ladymoose

Baby's Got The Blues by littlecritters

Sweet Innocence by littlecritters

Are We Nearly There Yet? by Ladymoose

Smiles by Ladymoose

Peek a Boos by Ladymoose

The Man of My Dreams by Ladymoose

Bengal Kitten by Roz McQuillan

Rosie in the barn by Lynn Starner

Handsome Beast by Ladymoose

Kitten Love by Pamela Jayne Smith

Karma the Kitten by Pamela Jayne Smith

Little Kitten by Clare Colins

A Bundle of Fluffs by Ladymoose

Teething Tiddles by Ladymoose

Old Soul by ibjennyjenny

Baby Stalker by Ladymoose

The Naughty Tortie by Ladymoose

Panther in training by Ladymoose

Still sucking his thumb by ibjennyjenny

Ticklez by Ladymoose

Summer time…:) by karina73020

Cheeky Chops by Ladymoose

3 Little Kittens by MaeBelle

Innocence by Lynn Starner

Mouse… by Karen Helgesen

Three… by Karen Helgesen

Itty Bitty Cutie Kitty by Ladymoose

Little Fellow IV by vbk70

HAHAHA NowThat's Funny! by MaeBelle

Ah, Yes, I Do Have Pretty Blue Eyes by MaeBelle


Invitation to play by Ana Belaj

Bear… by Karen Helgesen

Little Baby Berkeley by elm321

We Are Family by Ladymoose

Does My Bum Look Big… by Ladymoose

There Must Be Some Kinda Way Outta Here by Ladymoose

Waiting for Sunshine 2 by Teresa Zieba

Mine! by Ladymoose

Tabby by Sally Ford

They Call Me The Hunter by Ladymoose

I Wouldn t Take Up Much Room by Ladymoose

Mistigri by FDugourdCaput

I still sleep by Ana Belaj

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur by vigor

Double Trouble by Ladymoose

One of them is camera shy…guess which one?
by ibjennyjenny

Kisses for Mommy by ibjennyjenny

Camera Lady What Do You Want From Me? by Ladymoose

So Very Concerned
by ibjennyjenny

The Beautiful One by ibjennyjenny

Capuccino by FDugourdCaput

The New Addition by vigor

Kitten in the grass by Alan Mattison IPA

You Little Tinker by Ladymoose

Hattie The Kitty by Cynthia48

I Hides by Ladymoose

The Belly Needs Tickles I Not Resist by Ladymoose

Mine! by Nadya Johnson

Come to me camera lady, take my paw… by Ladymoose

Tango by Ladymoose

kitty cat by lucyliu

I am well-behaved cat? by Ana Belaj

I Iz Going To Nom Your Camera
by Ladymoose

I Meanz Biznus
by Ladymoose

Lenny and Lucy 2 by Franko Camue

No Never Not I!!! by Ladymoose

Blackberry – Dedicated to Our Friend by teresa731

Ella at the Window by Amy Collinson

Ella by Amy Collinson

Little Miss Silly by Ladymoose

He knows to enjoy! by Ana Belaj

No one will take this away from me by Ladymoose

Kitten by Catherine Gabriel

He saw that! by Christina Brundage

Catch of the day by tinypaws

Come on little mousies by Ladymoose

Kitten in a Flower Pot by Nadya Johnson

comfort by Heather King

I carefully listen to…. by Ana Belaj

I Can Fix This by tinypaws

Bright Eyes by vigor

SKYLET: Now a mom by PatChristensen

Boo by ibjennyjenny

July Centerfold by vigor

Little Fellow III by vbk70

Now This Is Interesting! by vbk70

I Am Way Too Tired For Your Games by vbk70

lovin' life by vigor

Cool Kitty by vigor

Why Does it Always Rain on Me? by Ladymoose

I just looked at what's inside by Ana Belaj


There s Something About Millie by Ladymoose

A little love by vigor

Grooming by vigor

Trust by Christina Brundage

Three Little Kittens by teresa731

Purrfect peace by Christina Brundage

Feline Perspective by Susan Bergstrom

Early morning light by Heather King

Beware the Marmalade, my son!by Christina Brundage

You Can t Make Me! by Ladymoose

Rescued by DebbieCHayes

How she warms my heart by Heather King

little boy by lucyliu

Little Baby Blues by Ladymoose

Will the Starz be out Tonite? by Ladymoose

Hi, I'm Pepe by lucyliu

KEEP IT DOWN UP THERE! by Christina Brundage

Gordon by Pat Abbott

Innocence by Brenda Burnett

Thinking Of You by LoveringArts

Why Me by DebbieCHayes

Kitty's Bedtime Prayer by ibjennyjenny

Two Heads Are Better Than One by Ladymoose

SWEET INNOCCENCE by PatChristensen

I Want It All And I Want It Now!!! by Ladymoose

Don't abandon me. by Pencilpastel

Here I am, world! by Christina Brundage

The Explorer by Ladymoose

Black kitten by jankolas

Dusty by Kimberly Palmer

MillllieMac Scarediest Cat by Ladymoose

Introducing: LUCKY by PatChristensen

Introducing: SPARKLES by PatChristensen

If Only My Ears Could Sleep! by Ladymoose

Wherever I lay my cat (that s my home) by Ladymoose

sleeeping by lucyliu

Please can you take me home? by Christina Brundage

Little Kitten by DebbieCHayes

I See You by DebbieCHayes

This is MY playhouse! by Christina Brundage

A STAR IN MY EYES by PatChristensen

Love affair with the lens cap by Heather King

little tiger by lucyliu

The look of love by Heather King

Mousies? by Ladymoose

Ready for action! by Christina Brundage

SIBLING LOVE by Helen Akerstrom Photography

Portrait With a Baby Face by Ladymoose

Warming Up by Ladymoose

Who lives here by tinypaws

Kitten Face by Ladymoose

But I AM Sorry Santa! by Ladymoose

MHOOOHAHAHA! by Ladymoose

About to Pounce by Ladymoose

Generations by PatChristensen

Tuxedo Kitten by Margaret S Sweeny

Ella #2 by Amy Collinson

Peeking(close but not too close) by PatChristensen

Focused! by weecritter

My Hidiest Place by Ladymoose

Pretty Kitty by Ladymoose

Me and my Teddy Bear by Ladymoose

Contemplation by PatChristensen

Springtime adventurer! by weecritter

Peaches: Elegant by PatChristensen

Lacylee: My Close Up by PatChristensen

Spring Look by PatChristensen

Friend or Foe by tinypaws

watching you by lucyliu

Autumn Reigns by PatChristensen

Box of Joy by Anne Young

Adopt Me by Anne Young

Let s tie the knot by tinypaws

Atomic legs by vian

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✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђєℓℓσ ✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђ... 9786 posts

Congratulations to all Nicely done and presented by all nice viewing precious selections hugs

Ida Jokela Ida Jokela 164 posts

What a sweet collection, love it! Thanks for featuring :)

LoveringArts LoveringArts 98 posts

Just the most adorable collection … Your superb work to promote others is above and beyond dear Kira , a big big thank you and Congratulations to all here xxo

Pencilpastel Pencilpastel 184 posts

Aww, such a lovely collection. Beautiful! Thank you for featuring my kitten :-)

Ladymoose Ladymoose 701 posts

Thank you so much for the features Kira. MillieMac and the Bear are delighted too:-)

LoveringArts LoveringArts 98 posts

I sooooooooooooooooo enjoyed each and every image here in this fabulous selection dear Kira , beautifully compiled , and a big big thank you for my inclusion , your just the Best ….. Paulxx

lucyliu lucyliu 52 posts

wonderful collection, Kira.

tinypaws tinypaws 1247 posts

Wonderful work everyone…Love to see some more;0))

PatChristensen PatChristensen 516 posts

Thank you Kira for adding four of my images to this adorable and sweet collection, truly heart warming. Great works by all and sooooooo enjoyable to view hugs :)Pat

vbk70 vbk70 666 posts

What an adorable collection. One cat sweeter than the other. Many congratulations to all featured artists :) Thank you so much for including Nellie :)

Magriet Meintjes Magriet Meintjes 4214 posts

Wow!!!!!!! So much beauty in this collection of wonderful artworks! Congrats to all and thank you so much for the honout to be part of it Kira!

ibjennyjenny ibjennyjenny 149 posts

This is just the cutest room anywhere.

tinypaws tinypaws 1247 posts

A def Room to visit often.;0))) Sooo cute , all of them.;0))Thank you Kira.x

Roberta Angiolani Roberta Angiolani 212 posts

Some of the pieces that you have inserted, I had already admired them, but others are completely new to me.
Some truly irresistible:)

Ladymoose Ladymoose 701 posts


AnnieSnel AnnieSnel 161 posts

Fabulous!! Love all the featured images!!

PatChristensen PatChristensen 516 posts

Kira your devotion to cats/kittens and your members is outstanding. This is a lovely room displaying playful portriat pure innocent little beauties.
100% Adorable each and everyone thank you again for including eight of mine, for a member to have a place such as this with so many other
talented creative artist to display our little heart breakers is a blessing, you are a blessing for all you do, thank you my friend big hugs :)Pat

Slysweeny Slysweeny 80 posts

All wonderful images,a delight to view,I’m such a cat lover,congrats to all that have their kitties featured & thnx Kira for my feature,appreciated!

Ellen Cotton Ellen Cotton 384 posts

What fun!!!! Love every one of them!!!

tinypaws tinypaws 1247 posts

Had to spend some time visiting Baby`s Room…Really a must to visit often.Thank you Kira.Most beautiful work selected.Very well done everyone.;0))

virginian virginian 12814 posts

Beautiful images!

Ladymoose Ladymoose 701 posts

This room just gets better and cuter:-)

DebbieCHayes DebbieCHayes 87 posts

Thank you so much for featuring two more of my photos. :)

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