Cat's Pajamas & Dog's Tuxedo

Art group for domestic feline and canine

Recent Work

  • Nice place... by Ana Belaj
  • Drawing Dog Pomeranian Spitz  by bonidog
  • Drawing Dog Alaskan Malamute by bonidog
  • Face Of Innocence ~ Boxer Dog Series by Evita
  • Calico On The Prowl by Cynthia48
  • Drawing Dog Nova Scotia Duck Tolling by bonidog
  • Drawing Dog Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  by bonidog
  • Winter Light by Lynn Starner
  • Scotty Steampunk  by Rubyblossom
  • Didi by Ana Belaj
  • This is ridiculous .... I will be take photos by Ana Belaj
  • Wolfhound Pup #4 by Laurie Minor

About This Group

Welcome to Cat’s Pajamas & Dogs Tuxedo

We are an Art Group for cat and dog lovers. Traditional artists and Photographers and Photograpic based art. Gallery quality only.

For the photo based art full knowledge of advanced photo manipulation is essential. I will expect photographs to have been enhanced/manipulated to improve their appearance.

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.

Your Hosts