Cats and Dogs (2 artwork per day)

Group Rules:

Rules for Group Submissions:

  1. Only Art will be accepted, sorry no Clothing, Writings or Journals.
  2. All types of Artworks of Cat(s) and/or Dog(s) are welcome here.
  3. Only enter Cat and Dog images, all breeds and mixes.
  4. yes, lions, tigers, cheetahs, wolves,
  5. Artworks submitted to the group represent all of us, we ask that you submit only good quality artworks.
  6. PLEASE no alien/glowing pet eyes. [See our Photography Tips Forum on how to remove glow]
  7. Artwork submission limit: 1 artwork per day for each member.
  8. Excessive artwork submissions in a day from any one member will be removed without notice/explanation.
  9. You may remove any or all of your artwork from the group at any time but can only resubmit 1 artwork per day.
  10. All artworks must be taken and/or created by you.
  11. No nudity or obscenity. Keep it clean please.
  12. If you repeatedly violate the rules of this group, you will be at risk of being removed from the group without notice/explanation.

Additional Info About the Group:

  1. The beginning of each month we will choose one of the first place challenge winners from the entire previous month of challenges to be a feature artist, with that winning image the avatar and a clickable image placed on the group’s overview page.
  2. We will send out a monthly newsletter to announce the Feature Artist and Avatar for the month and include any FYI if necessary. But we will try to keep these to a minimum.
  3. We are asking members not to post any thank yous to the hosts for your features in the forum. It is a very kind gesture and appreciated, but in its place we would prefer you view a fellow member’s artwork and leave a kind comment for them.

Thank you!!