Cats and Dogs (2 artwork per day)

A group for Cat and Dog images, all breeds and mixes And Their Ancestors, (Group CLOSED Temporarily) Thanks


  • Brown Roan Italian Spinone Dog  by heidiannemorris
  • Sports car Dog! by Roz McQuillan
  • Domino Afghan No 01 by iMia69
  • Pretty Pug by zoel
  • Beartiful by awanndus
  • Anatomy of a Sloth by Sophie Corrigan
  • Hugly Ducklings by Sophie Corrigan
  • PINK (Pig in Pink) by awanndus
  • cat car by felissimha
  • Season's greetings dog by JEZ22
  • Puppy dog drawing by Apatche Revealed
  • Atilla - Bandog by Apatche Revealed
  • Baby Astro Tiger Homesick by awanndus
  • Let it Go by Kho Tek Mei
  • Flowers I will not touch ...... really .... by Ana Belaj
  • Meow-ry Christmas! by Carol Bleasdale
  • Frenchie by Apatche Revealed
  • Cats Playing Pool by kewzoo