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Come Get Your Group Badge HERE

Angie Tirado Angie Tirado 89 posts

Hello Cats and Dogs Members!

If you are a proud member of this group, feel free to show it to the world on your RedBubble page with our Cats and Dogs Group Badge. Created just for you, our members.

Feel free to share and link it on your own websites, blogs, etc as well. We dont object to promoting the group and all its wonderful talent.

Instructions for your RB page:
Copy and paste the following into your profile where you would like it displayed on your RB page. then carefully remove all the spaces within the text format, click “save changes”, and youre done.

! ! :

This badge will be clickable to the group’s main page with the above text format.

Copy instructions:
with your cusor highlight the text for the badge, then right click on it, select “copy”

Dont know where to go to put this after you copied it, follow these instructions:
click on your “MyBubble” tab, click on “edit your public profile”, click on “edit your profile”, scroll down to the “tell us about yourself” box, place your cusor in the box where you want to diplay the badge, right click, select “paste”, [dont forget to remove the spaces now or it wont work], then scroll down to the bottom of the page, click “save changes”, youre done.


We as host have one too, to show our pride of the group on our RB page. Thought we would give you all a look-see.

If you have any questions, or problems displaying your group badge feel free to ask us here and we will help you anyway we can.

Angie Tirado Angie Tirado 89 posts

it truly is our pleasure to be here, and thank you for being a contributing member!! your feedback is appreciated!


Ellen Cotton Ellen Cotton 384 posts

When I had the quotation marks in, they were visible before and after the banner, when I removed them the text was gone (banner still there) and it does link to the group page. I don’t know why it didn’t work right for me with the quotes. Anyway, thanks very much for the great banner!!

Angie Tirado Angie Tirado 89 posts

thank you ellen for being a part of the group, its great to have you, and for adding the badge that represents our great group on your RB page!! :)

could it be that the spaces were still in place? they would show up then. but you got it, so thats the main thing.


Aquarelle Aquarelle 36 posts

Oh wow what a fantastic banner.

Can I congratulate the team and its members for making this such a wonderful group to belong to…as technophobic I wll try to upload this to my profile because I think it looks brilliant!

Angie Tirado Angie Tirado 89 posts

thank you aquarelle for your kind feedback and for being a part of the group!! it is appreciated!!


Angie Tirado Angie Tirado 89 posts

i took out the quotation marks in the above post. as ellen is correct that it is effecting the link. the way the link is displayed now should clear up any problems members may be having with the badge.
my apologises for the confusion.


Helen Akerstrom Photography Helen Akerstro... 478 posts

Hello Hosts, I have just proudly placed your banner on my home page. worked well.

Lynsey Cleaver Lynsey Cleaver 3 posts

Hello, Im a new member to cats and dogs, I think i must be a prize idiot because i keep trying to add the C&D banner to my RB page and failing miserably each time, I ve deleted just exclamition marks, then deleted exclamation marks and spaces? can someone point me towards enlightenment!! I have left the text in my about me box so someone can have a look and tell me what im doing wrong! x lynsey

Angie Tirado Angie Tirado 89 posts


! ! :
copy and paste the entire line above.
now paste it in your profile box, like you were trying before.
now click your cursor just after the 1st ! and click delete only once.
now click over to just before the next ! and click delete once.
now click over to just after the ! and delete that space.
and now click after the : click delete there too.
go down to the bottom of your page and click save.
youre done! :)

you shouldnt be removing anything, but the spaces, nothing else.

hope that helped.

grsphoto grsphoto 42 posts

got it!

gabbielizzie gabbielizzie 618 posts

thank you for the banner for the members fantastic idea,i will display mine with pride!

Wilhelmina Wilhelmina 67 posts

I’ve got the banner but don’t know about the little bit at the bottom. I don’t think it links anywhere.

✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђєℓℓσ ✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђ... 9785 posts

Iv displayed mine on my profile proud of this group and have full admiration and respect for the hosts of this group they are helpful and are there for you hugs to all proud to display this banner

LadyWendyAnnie LadyWendyAnnie 27 posts



MaggieKeegan MaggieKeegan 57 posts

Thank you for the banner. I have added it to my profile.

tylerpuppy tylerpuppy 21 posts

I did it…I’m not techno savvy and I did it…I now have the Banner on my page…I really like the b/w too. Yeah!!! I did it!!!
Peace to all.

I did it…

James Brotherton James Brotherton 2233 posts

This is how I put it on my tell us about yourself box: and all I get is a box that says moved from photobucket. I don’t get it!

ToriK ToriK 47 posts

I too am getting ‘this image or video has been moved or deleted’. What am I doing wrong? any help would be appreciated. thanks

ToriK ToriK 47 posts

Ignore me! I’ve done it!

KAGPhotography KAGPhotography 415 posts

All i’m getting is “this image or video has been moved or deleted”…i’ve remvd all the spaces as ev1 mentioned…i’ve rmvd no txt at all…saved my changes & all i get is the above msg….wot am i doing wrong?….some1 pls help….thnx

KAGPhotography KAGPhotography 415 posts

Sorry…would love 2display your banner on my profile but no matter wot i try it would show….it just keeps giving me a image saying ‘this image or video has been moved or deleted in photobucket’

Loving this group & will continue 2remain a member.

Some fantastic images held here.

Thanks 2the kind people who have tried 2help me.


Joy Rensch Joy Rensch 186 posts

I too am getting the same thing. What are we doing wrong?


Sharon Herbert Sharon Herbert 86 posts

I can’t seem to put it on my profile either. Followed the instruction but all I get is the actual writing not a pic

Susie Peek Susie Peek 902 posts

I have the same problem too … I’m not good with the links .. sorry will keep trying!

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