Cartoon Paddock

Welcome to the Cartoon Paddock.

Recent Work

  • Not so intelligent theory of design by Michael Lee
  • New Orleans by crimsontideguy
  • Santas "Day Job" Christmas Card! by Michael Puckett
  • Robot Circus by MissIllustrator
  • Nature Experiments - SXSW Big Sleep Challenge Entry by Simon Sherry
  • Saint Patrick's Day Dragon by Zoo-co
  • Saint Patrick's Day Beetle by Zoo-co
  • Smoky by crimsontideguy
  • OctoPete by Mike Cressy
  • Vivid Imagination by PhotoFox
  • A World Of Indifference by Karsten Stier
  • Oily Sponge by Chris Wahl

About This Group

Welcome to the Cartoon Paddock.<b> Please read below before posting art<b>

We prefer single panel cartoons, funny cartoon strips and editorial cartoons.

Please, no Illustrations ( humourous or otherwise), comic pages, manga, caricature’s humorous or otherwise.These now have their own groups.

Any work posted that does not fit these categories will be <b>removed without explanation</b>

Firstly, please stay within Red Bubbles guidelines regarding acceptable content.

Please only display your best work as the paddock is not a mirror of your own gallery but rather as a teaser for visitors to click through to your site.

Cartoons on any topic are welcome, keeping the above in mind.

I hope we can discuss as a group all aspects of cartooning besides the cartoons themselves. As we know business skills and marketing are an important aspect for the modern cartoonist.

Please feel free to contribute to the paddock and spread a little laughter.

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.

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