Canon Vs Nikon (Photography Images Only)

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Nikon Vs. Nikon

This challenge closed over 6 years ago.

The Challenge

Our latest and greatest Challenge(s) is going to start with two challenges. This one, Nikon Vs. Nikon and the second one, Canon Vs. Canon.

Judging / Voting Criteria

The top ten voted images from each challenge will then go into a third challenge, Canon Vs. Nikon. The winning entry from the Canon Vs Nikon Challenge will then have the distinct and unparrelled privilege of being the group’s avatar and will be crowned victor in the battle between Canon and Nikon. They will also win for themselves a $20.00 voucher from the powers that be at RB!

For this challenge the photo must have been accepted into the group to enter and must be from a NIKON CAMERA!

Rewards & Prizes

The top ten will be allowed to enter the next challenge Canon Vs Nikon – The Ultimate Battle! A bit melodramatic perhaps but why not?! It’s a battle that’s been waged for eons and is still undecided and we mean to decide it here! (For the next few months at least then we’ll say we need to decide it again, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps).
Oh, the top ten will gain the undying admiration of their fellow Nikon shooters, uber kudos and bragging rights.

Additional Information

To enter THIS Challenge you must have taken your photo with a NIKON camera and the photo MUST be in the group. Anything else will be removed and you, yes YOU, will be put in our bad books, (grrrr!).

If your photo isn’t in the group it will be DISQUALIFIED and/or removed from the challenge.

If you are found to have been solictiing for votes you will be disqualified from wining and entering the next challenge. Play fair!


The Top Ten

Tipple by AJM Photography

Tipple by AJM Photography was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 11 votes.

  • So this is winter ? by Alan Mattison
  • camel line by adouglas
  • Catching The Tops by Blackgull
  • Heaven Bound by Barbara Burkhardt
  • Fern Pool Falls by Jan Fijolek
  • Sunrise Over Niagara - Niagara Falls by JHRphotoART
  • Sin city by andreisky
  • Canticle of the Sun by Roxanne Persson
  • Church at Wallendbeen by GailD

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