Canon Photo 5

This group is for people who have entered a canon photo 5 competition.

Recent Work

  • Lunch!! by Jodi Turner
  • My Music by RavenMunro
  • Forbidden Fruit by Napier Thompson
  • Things that Go Bump in the Night by Napier Thompson
  • The Curse by Napier Thompson
  • The Things We Do for Love by Napier Thompson
  • Whoops! by Napier Thompson
  • Smokey Rose by RavenMunro
  • A Splish and a Splash by RavenMunro
  • A Sticky Situation by RavenMunro
  • Ambulance Siren by Jodi Turner
  • This is Me!! by Jodi Turner

About This Group

This group is for those who have taken part or are going to be taking part in a canon photo 5 competition. The group will allow people to share their submissions to the competition or any ideas that they may have for it. The idea is to inspire other photographers and open up a whole world of creativity using the most ordinary day to day objects supplied by canon in the photo 5 box.

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