Canon L Lenses - Best Quality Only

A Canon L Lens must be included in the description of your picture.

Recent Work

  • Pollinator by John Thurgood
  • Unusual Hood Ornament by Thaddeus Zajdowicz
  • Purple Eyes by John Thurgood
  • How Dare You  by Heather King
  • Baby Loon Pram by Heather King
  • The little hitchhiker by Heather King
  • B & W Silhouettes in Burj Khalifa at Sunset - Dubai by Yannik Hay
  • Desert Plant by Yannik Hay
  • Arabian Adventure - Dubai by Yannik Hay
  • Desert Sunset - Dubai by Yannik Hay
  • Shirley Poppy 2018-1 by Thomas Young
  • The future by Andrew Wilson

About This Group

Only the top quality will be accepted
Host will not engage in explanations for why work is not accepted.

Repeated offenders will be removed from the group
Members must self-moderate before the hosts do the final moderation!
Don’t submit every new work, we only want the very best.
- Don’t re-submit rejected work. 
- Don’t enter more than one version of the same image.
If a work has been admitted by mistake and we notice it afterwards, it will be removed.
New rule: The work you upload must be yours.*+

The Canon L Lenses group is for anyone that owns and shoots their spectacular images with any L series lens. We are the FIRST RedBubble group to honor those who love shooting with their L series lenses, so if you have one and love shooting with it…SHOW US YOUR STUFF! DON’T BE SHY, WE WANT TO SEE YOUR PICTURES!

This is an ELITE GROUP for only the best photographers!!!! ……but hey, any photographer who shoots with a Canon L lens has to be pretty darn good. ::wink::

Forum discussions and challenges will be offered in this group!

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