Canadian Rocky Mountains

- All work must state where in the Canadian Rocky Mountains it was taken

Recent Work

  • Urban Sprawl Vancouver Grid by neptuneimages
  • Winter Sun by James Farnan
  • Winter Colours by James Farnan
  • Winter Contrast by James Farnan
  • Moraine Lake by Yukondick
  • Maligne Lake in Jasper NP by Yukondick
  • Mystic Three Sisters Mountains - Canadian Rockies  by NaturePrints
  • Cascading Waterfall - Athabasca, Canada  by niki2028
  • Lake Louise - Canada by niki2028
  • Old Bridge by Harry Oldmeadow
  • Rocky Whistler Snow by BenClarkImagery
  • The Peaks of Garibaldi Provincial Park. Whistler, BC by BenClarkImagery

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locations are required for acceptance
ie. Place, Park, Alberta OR British Columbia, Canada*

*For those who love the vastness, splendor, wilderness and adventure of the CANADIAN ROCKIES this group is for you.

All photos must have been taken IN the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and are 100% Canadian Rocky Mountains.
What are the Canadian Rocky Mountains? See this MAP or go here for more reading to see where the Canadian Rocky Mountain ranges are: Ranges

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