Canadian Artists - 2 a day

Group Rules:

Canadian Artists
Canadian Artists is a Group about artists who are Canadian. It’s an opportunity to showcase art by Canadians. The subjects of these images may include the people, the culture, scenery, landscapes, wildlife whether abstract or representational. It is all welcome in this group. The beauty you express can be here in Canada or somewhere else. We welcome traditional, digital and photographic works of art. Our emphasis is on Art.
We welcome works by Canadians outside of Canada with the focus on art images – and limit the submissions to 2 a day.

We are not focused on the geography of the image, but on its artistic expression. For those who wish guidance, here are some ideas:
1. We accept scenery, landscapes, birds, and animals.
2. We accept abstracts.
3. We accept city and urban scenes and landscapes.
4. We accept portraits of people where they are an artistic expression.
5. Please only submit your own work and your best work.
6. Post processing/editing is encouraged and you can be as creative as you wish!
7. Abstract art is most welcome in the group.
8. Fractal images are generally not accepted.
9. Traditional art, digital art, photography and T-shirts are welcome.
10. Writing is accepted.
11. Nudity is not accepted, as this is a family-friendly group, and the hosts will decide.
12. Material deemed offensive, including violence against humans or animals will be rejected.
13. All images must meet the guidelines of the group and redbubble policy.
14. We will keep the group pages to a manageable number. If anything you love has been removed you can always add it again.
15. Please submit up to 2 images a day.
16. Please do not add a black and white version and a color version of the same image.

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All our best,
Hosts of the Canadian Artists Group
Marilyn, Greta and Jess