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What are FIVE things you couldn't live without.......... ?

inessence inessence 453 posts

Hey ladies…… while we’re on the topic of 5 mins – how about sharing FIVE THINGS you just couldn’t live without…… ?

To make it a little more personal – we’re going to rule out some of the obvious choices.

So the following are NOT ALLOWED to be added to your list:
Food, drinking water, coffee, tea & breathing, pets, camera, computer, phone, internet, books & e-readers, music & iPod, car, family & friends.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week! :) xxx

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Bevlea Ross Bevlea Ross 516 posts

LOL ok.. anything left over after you rule all that out is not essential or important LOL

myhobby myhobby 38 posts

you forgot money, electricity, hairbrush, toothbrush and shampoo………..is that 5 things……….
anything anyone else can think of……………

inessence inessence 453 posts

@ bevlea. I felt the same when I was typing those things out – thinking – what’s left? LOL Ahh.. but surely there is so much more than those things. :)

@ myhobby – This is why I added obvious choices, although if I were to list everything on my shopping list and modern day conveniences – there would be thousands of things on the ‘not allowed’ list. That’s just a starting point – the rest is common sense on deciding what’s obvious. ;)

deborah brandon deborah brandon 250 posts

Ohhhhhh Trudi – my 5 top things were all included in the ‘Not Allowed’ collection – considering i always have a coffee in one hand & a camera in the other :)) with my iphone & ipad close by & my hubby & boys & furry babies mean the world to me – so you’ve really forced me to think about what would be in the top 5 things that I couldn’t live without if I can’t include the above – lol !!! :)

1- As Im packing to go on our trip tomorrow I thought about the things that I’ll be bring along ( the must haves ) and the number one on my cant live without would have to be my washable silk pillow case that I just LOVE & use everyday & take on every trip – its soooooo soft & smooth and I love that they say it prevents wrinkles – I can’t sleep or live without it – lol !!! :)

2 – moisturiser is definetley up at the top of the list – a good quality cream for face & body & a gorgie lip balm !!!

3 – comfy briefs & singlet are two items I can’t live without all year around – comfy is soooo important :))

4 – fresh flowers or foliage around the home makes the home sooooo much sweeter – when we go away I always head out & grab some local flowers to enjoy :)

5 – I know I can’t say coffee but what about my fairtrade coffee beans – they are an absolute MUST have !!!!

I’m looking forward to everyone sharing their top 5 & would love to read yours Trudi – I’m betting aroma oils are up there xx

linaji linaji 6254 posts

1. Water ways of some kind surrounding me… I have always lived by water.

2. I am without a doubt a Hair Products freak… I’ve about 3 to 5 (when I’m lucky) different shampoos and conditioners on hand. Also about styling there is only 3 products I use each time I want something from my hair that I cannot live without and one I thought was going by the wayside of ‘discontinue’….Oh my I almost cried!! But I did find it on line at ebay and so I’ve ordered 20 of them to be sure for the next few years I will be ok not to be without:
Rusk grapefruit leave in spay conditioner I cannot find it in the stores any more… I LOVE THIS STUFF!!

3. A good dang BRA… one that supports and gives a nice shape. I’ve read up on this and I still have some work to do. I will at some point allow myself to go to a professional in a dept store, but believe it or not I am kinda shy!!

4.I cannot do without working on my thinking… when I don’t feel good I ask myself what I am thinking and 100% of the time what I am feeling is a result of what I am thinking.
so…. when I realize this by becoming conscious of how I ‘feel’ I make a choice and find a thought that feels ‘a little’ better

This has changed my life, by committing to this tiny bit of awareness; I have seen a change in EVERYTHING.
My whole perspective and responsibility for feeling good has increased by following this practice. I depend less on ‘others’ as a way to feeling good.

5. Love in any way delivered by you or me or animal. xox

linaji linaji 6254 posts

Opps Food is not allowed nor coffee nor music…..sigh.. will be back to revise later!!! hehehe ~ Gives me all day to revise..!!!

strawberries strawberries 389 posts

now this is is hard!!!! i wish i was allowed to list camera, coz it’s true! I always have one in the car, one in my bag, plus my DSLR wherever I go
and music, i dont go a day with out something to listen to…

1. Frodo Ring- being a lord of the rings nerd, i have a lot of memorabilia, collectables, extended movies etc, but nothing means more to me then my frodo ring, it has “frodo” engraved around the band that i picked up years ago, and i seems as though it’s brought me good luck ever since. i never take it off.

2. Corsets- i adore wearing corsets. i don’t know what it is about them, maybe its the romance associated with them, but i have quite a collection, and am often wearing one! lol

3. Vintage style journal- you know the one, with the thick yellow paper, with the (fake) leather cover, the one that requires an inky pen to make you dreams flow and drawings come alive. I have about 4 of them, each filled with ideas, hope and dreams. Feel free to read them once I’m dead! lol. But if i don’t have something to draw in, i go a little nutty…

4. Hamish the Pug- Hamish is a stuffed toy pug. He’s been on many trips with me, from holidays, to my trip to the hospital a few years back, and he and i have moved house 3 times together. He’s good for a hug on a rainy day

5. Tissues- I’m allergic to most things- animals, flowers, grass, perfume, dust, car fresheners… but not all the time. some weeks i go with out sneezing, and others, well i might as well have a trumpet for a nose. I always have tissues close by, coz you never know when I’m going to start a sneeze fest!

there, 5 things that are not food, drink, music, phone, computer, books, camera, pets, car, family/friends lol

inessence inessence 453 posts

Thank you so much Deb, Lina & Strawberries! lol @ Lina. It’s good having a challenge once in a while. ;)

What gorgeous & interesting things you’ve all listed! I’ve been pondering this myself for a few days – wondering what I couldn’t live without in my life and it’s come to this – so far (subject to change with moods of course….. lol )……..

1. Living in the country (kinda rural where we live now) – I honestly couldn’t see myself living anywhere that isn’t surrounded by nature. I live for the outdoors…. and totally crave my walks at night out under the stars and moon – any weather. Granted, we always have to travel by car to get somewhere as nothing is in walking distance and we don’t have public transport go past here – but it’s a small price to pay to stay sane.

2. Essential oils. I’d go crazy without them. I’ve used them for so many things over the years since the boys were babes – that I feel our boys would start missing them too if I was unable to use them. One even has me making a personalised aftershave for him now! lol

3. Sandals. I’m so not a closed in shoe type person. It’s generally flat leather outdoorsy type sandals when out and bare feet at home. If it’s really ultra-cold / wet – it’ll be socks at home and a pair of desert boots worn loosely when out. I own one pair of womens heels for any functions we might go to that are cute chunky wedges. Not a stiletto in sight here! lol

4. Candles. There is a single powerline running through our part of the valley with branches constantly falling on it. That pretty much leaves us without power very often especially when it’s windy – which is most days, any season.

5. Ambiance. This is where everything ties together probably. Candles & rock salt lamps, no shoes, aroma – surrounded by nature. Just a total ambient atmosphere in the home now and then of pure stillness – to chill and relax when I get a moment to myself.

@ Deb – What colour is your silk pillow case? If Dan has anything to do with it – I’m guessing black or white. ;) LOL

@ Lina – It must be so wonderful living near some form of water. I was telling Deb the other day I love the ocean and just never seem to get the time to head there for a couple of days break as often as I’d like. Oh and I am SO with ya about the bra. :)

@ strawberries – Curiouser and curiouser friend. lol You have some very interesting things you couldn’t live without! I loved all the stories behind each one. Thank you for the share. I love that you dream in vintage styled journals and corsets are so gorgeous girly! :)

Hope you’re all having a fabulous day…… xxx

strawberries strawberries 389 posts

@ Trudi; lol, well i had to explain a least just a little, seeing as they are probably things people would never has guessed to assosiate me with =P
you should see the new journal that i bought, it has victorian filigree decoration all over the cover, its soooo beautiful.

linaji linaji 6254 posts

To switch out music to:

I cannot do without working on my thinking… when I don’t feel good I ask myself what I am thinking and 100% of the time what I am feeling is a result of what I am thinking.
so…. when I realize this by becoming conscious of how I ‘feel’ I make a choice and find a thought that feels ‘a little’ better

This has changed my life, by committing to this tiny bit of awareness; I have seen a change in EVERYTHING.
My whole perspective and responsibility for feeling good has increased by following this practice. I depend less on ‘others’ as a way to feeling good.

inessence inessence 453 posts

@ strawberries – oh you need to take a girly photo of the cover of your new journal and stop teasing us! It sounds gorgeous! While you’re at it – some of your corsets wouldn’t go astray either! lol :) Out of curiosity, do you make any of the corsets or get them online / special order stores? I’m pretty sure I came across someone in Melbourne who makes goth/medieval styled clothing. I’ll see if I can find her site again and post it for you.

@ Lina – it’s amazing how easily your thoughts can alter your approach or outlook to how we live and how easily they can affect how we feel. It’s fantastic that it’s something that you’re aware of and most importantly of all, that you’re noticing the difference it’s making in your life. Thank you for sharing this with us. It’s a wonderful reminder to us all. :)

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day/evening! xx

inessence inessence 453 posts

@ strawberries – already found it. LOL Vanyanís | Custom corsetry and extravagant attire and their style gallery :) xx

strawberries strawberries 389 posts

@ lina, that is a very interesting thing to not be able to live without, its such a simple concept, but undoubtedly gets ignored very often. im glad you realise you couldnt live without it

here is my pretty little journal, its soo adorable! lol
and i generally buy my corsets (ebay lol) but i have been want to make my own for some time now. due to a lack of space over the last few years its kind of prevented me from making anything seriously.

and that gallery is amazing!!!! I cant believe shes in melbourne and i never knew! ok I may be 3 hours away, but still!

inessence inessence 453 posts

@ strawberries – OMG! I LOVE it – it’s SO beautiful!!!!!!! Thank you so much for taking a photo of it! :) xx

strawberries strawberries 389 posts

@ trudi, lol, your welcome! xx

Carol Knudsen Carol Knudsen 229 posts

Hi to all my gf’s on the Bub!

Wow! What fun it had been to read all your fave 5 things you can’t live without!

@ Deb…Fresh flowers sound delightful to have around! And I agree with the comfy smalls! A def must! lol

@ Lina… How I miss living by the sea…. I sure can relate to this being in the top 5 can’t live withouts!! Oh and how beautiful you are, ‘working on your thinking’….something I really need to do! :)

@ Strawberries….Corsets! How utterly romantic….love it! And vintage journals… sigh …. ( I love anything vintage!)

@ Trudi…Lovin’ the sandles!! Can’t remember the last time I wore high heels…lol….I would probably fall over and break my neck in them!

So… after much thought….then some more thought….and a cup of coffee to help me think….I have settled on 5 things I can’t possibly live without….they are:

1. Patchouli Oil….I have worn it for the last 25 years….I love it’s earthiness…..

2. My fave 2 items of silver jewellery I wear everywhere except to bed….A chunky silver and Citrine ring that my beautiful daughter gave me & a silver bangle that my gorgeous son gave me….

3. My vintage cutlery…epsn silver plate spoons and forks and bone handled knives from the op shops over the years….Just don’t like the new stuff!

4. Our Club Genoa lounge suite….My all time fave piece if furniture!! It has moved house with us many times even to Tassie and back!! We had it reupholstered a few years back in gorgie vintage rose patterned fabric! I love to sit in it with a coffee and my laptop….like now ♥

5. Last of all I would have to say I can’t live without my flannie PJ’s (and warm socks) in winter time …curled up on the (Genoa) couch by the fire…. sigh

I hope you are all having an awesome day/night….
Warm hugs Carol xx

linaji linaji 6254 posts

Wow… I do so love our exchange…
Did not have a moment after my addition to comment on all of your ‘musts’ but as I ease into this day, a day before I leave to see my sista’s in New York, I feel vacation slip into view ahhhh.

@ Strawberries… about the Frodo Ring… I just find you more intriguing and endearing as each page here in the ‘5’ forums opens up more about us all. This part of fantasy that guides your heart I now can understand more your work and how you ‘see’. I have always loved the movies with fantasy genre and although I did not read the series I have enjoyed many times viewing the Lord of the Rings movies. If you can, do you think possible to shoot the ring as you did your lovely journal? Bringing you luck I can well image! Connection to intent is very powerful tool and guide!

@ Deb… Oh my FRESH FLOWERS…. I get them whenever I can. sometimes on a walk of mine there is lavender bushes full up of lavender and I bring a clippers and tote home my lovely boquet of them… On a list of ‘when I am financially able’… FRESH FLOWERS of any kind I desire and Massage would be on my top 5 list., Oh and hope you are having a WONDERFUL TIME!!

@ Trudi… Living in the country… I’ve done that most of my past adult years and agree with you that there is something so special about truly living amongst the stars!!! Oh you lucky girl, I can see your walks and your wonder!! Also Candles… hummm I just lit some yesterday and felt how that changed the mood in my home. I am one of those who buys them and for some reason hold back on lighting them. I am changing that as we speak!! hehehe

@ Carol… Oh wow, you a re such a trip and I would love to be sitting right next to you with your smell of Patchouli OIl wafting over in my direction. with a cuppa in vintage tea cups and looking right at you with vintage silver jewelry I can ask you about…!! What a beauty you are in my minds eye!

Now I have one last switch out: from Fruit to something more personal… I am without a doubt a Hair Products freak… I’ve about 3 to 5 (when I’m lucky) different shampoos and conditioners. Also about styling there is only 3 products I use each time I want something from my hair that I cannot live without and one I thought was going by the wayside of ‘discontinue’….Oh my I almost cried!! But I did find it on line at ebay and so I’ve ordered 20 of them to be sure for the next few years I will be ok not to be without:
Rusk grapefruit leave in spay conditioner I cannot find it in the stores any more… I LOVE THIS STUFF!!

Off I go to finish this amazing day ahead till in the wee hours I take flight to New York to see 2 sista bubblers. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY/NIGHT

strawberries strawberries 389 posts

@ carol- your number 5 is my winter dream! (except I like to pretend theres snow outside lol) I have fluffy purple bed socks to go with my zebra print flannel pants and a big fluffy purple dressing gown that i like to curl up in front of the fire with (eith with my camera, a good movie, or vintage journal lol!) every winter im so excited to dig them out and snuggle up. I just dont have your awesome lounge sweet =)

@ Lina it was a challnge, but here he is

he can usually be found on my right pointer lol but due to lighting issues i had to employ the services of my window sill lol
lol you remind my of Jess (one of my models) she has hundreds of hair cair products! i just really like to colour mine =D

linaji linaji 6254 posts

Oh dear Strawberries… I’ve showed this to my fearless gal pals who I am with right now and we all three went… ahhhhh so so cool. I think you should upload this shot and just give a teeeny bit about how much this means to ye… I love your share and feel so honored to be here with the girls… thank you, I think I see how much magic you do possess to create such amazing mistical work. Love getting to know you ‘berry girl’…. hehehe x

deborah brandon deborah brandon 250 posts

hey gorgeous girls – ohhhhh how i’ve missed this – I LOVE LOVE LOVE that youve all taken the time to share here !!!!!

@ strawberries – I’m with Lina on uploading this shot as its SO fabulous & soooooo atmospheric which totally lends itself to the ‘Ring’ – LOVE it & your gorgie girly journal – thank you SO SO much for posting the pics & I really enjoyed reading you ‘five’ sooooooo so interesting & fabulous !!!!!\

@ Trudi – I knew you’d have Aroma oils in there ( hehe ) & LOVED reading your other four choices – we will have to do a walk together some day in sandals ( I also LOVE sandals ) around your way – your outdoor captures are soooooo beautiful & inspirational – LOVE it :)
and yes – you guessed one of the colors of my silk pillow case – its white ( pearly white ) and is looking soooooo gorgie on my ALL white bed ( my summer look ) which I can finally do now that the boys are grown up & they are not jumping all over it but have just come home from being away & the dogs have mad a mess of it – dog hair everywhere – ohhhh dear – lol !!! xx

@ Carol – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sound of your gorgeous silver Jewellery & your fabulous Club Genoa lounge suite with its vintage rose fabric – so SO so GORGIE !!! I too really LOVE flannies but also LOVE LOVE flannelette sheets which I only discoved last year after Mum & Dad stayed whilst we were away & they said they loved flannelette sheets so I bought some & then we came home to some on our bed & they were sooooo warm & comfy :))

@ Lina – I LOVE that you’ve added a few switches – Trudi made this really hard when she eliminated soooooo many fav’s but I think its really helped us find out SO much more about one another as Im sure we would have all had sooooo many similar items on there :) Thank you SO much for being such a fabulous contributor here as its really made our group SO much more enjoyable getting to know you here. I really enjoyed reading your ‘five’ & your rust grapefruit leave in conditioner sounds AMAZING !!!! and a comfy bra is also a MUST :)) I hope your having a wonderful stay in NY xx

heres a pic of a few of the sites on my daily walk & coffee stops whilst up north …………

love & hugs girlfriends xxxx

linaji linaji 6254 posts

awww I am so so impressed with your pics… I do hope that shoe shot will make it to the new challenge Deb I love the one to the right also… omg what a fabu time you had and what a splendid way to show us your journey!!!!!!! No#3 is cool too!! OMgoodness ALL OF EM ARE!

deborah brandon deborah brandon 250 posts

@ Lina – awwww you are such a sweet heart :) I just wanted to add that I LOVE that you added LOVE to your list – its just one of those things that I sometime take for granted & I also cant live without – thanks for reminding us & for sharing the LOVE xx

strawberries strawberries 389 posts

@deb, love those pics, makes me want to go to the beach lol!

@Lina & Deb; i’ll think about it (uploading ring as work). im not too sure yet…

scottimages scottimages 1871 posts

Hey Girls, what a delightful read this has been!! Fresh flowers, waterways, Frodo rings and vintage journals, patchouli oil, vintage cutlery…….. sigh…… all amazing and wonderful things! Essentials every one.

Here’s my 5 things that I can’t live without :

1 : imagination. I’d be so lost without my imagination. I could spend hours lost in my imaginary worlds of adventure and make-believe, my mind constantly wandering off to explore a new idea or thought.

2 : respect. We all deserve it and we all need it. It lifts our esteem, both in the giving and the receiving of respect.

3 : patience. This one has been tried and tested many times in my life, (we all can say the same thing!), but of late, I’ve had an opportunity to examine patience with new eyes. Though it does sometimes take considerable effort on my part to find that extra patience needed , I’ve found that it’s always well worth it :)

4 : personal space. House of 3 males, 2 dogs, and me……. my own space is so very special! I do my best to make sure that all of us are able to take time for alone time/personal space. If I don’t, soon enough the boys end up in each others faces (or mine) and there’s the inevitable scuffle and serenity is gone.

5 : a creative outlet. I need to create. I really don’t care what the medium is, and I don’t care if I’m doing something amazing. I just need to create. Take that away from me and I’m kinda nuts. I get anxious, I get cranky, I pace, I don’t sleep well. All because I’m not creating every now and then. Even if I’m drawing Daleks with my boys or making up strange recipes for dinner I’m happy. So long as there is a creative process involved I’m a satisfied girl.

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