- Give Up Your Day Job -

The commercial collaboration group where members have the opportunity to buy and sell each others tee shirts

Recent Work

  • Television Melt of Death by zomboy
  • Songhawk Rising by zomboy
  • Hands of Colour by Rossman72
  • Hand Signals - White by zomboy
  • Big Man Pig Man by Rossman72
  • Paparazzi Grey by zomboy
  • Oppitty Poppitty by Rossman72
  • mikoto Monkey  by mikoto
  • BRIGHTON by Rossman72
  • NEW YORK II by Rossman72
  • NEW YORK by Rossman72
  • Slam Puss (Grey) by zomboy

About This Group

We all spend a lot of time on our designs and love selling our products. However, our market potential is severely limited by three current market realities:

- We only profit from our own designs
- We only sell to web shoppers (and occasionally phone shoppers)
- We only sell through the RedBubble store

In this group, we want to rewrite the rules! This means finding a way that we can:

- Profit from other designer’s products
- Sell to ‘offline’ customers
- Sell through real world stores

This means using RedBubble not only as a distributor and a shop, but also as a manufacturer and a constantly growing product supplier. Instead of seeing other designers as competitors, they become our potential suppliers.

The key to making this concept profitable is reduced mark ups. To encourage this on selling, members of this group agree to sell their tee shirts to other members of the group at a 10% mark up.

For more information, please check the forums.

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.

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