Buskers - Photographs only please

A dedicated group for buskers/street musicians, mime artists/street 'live' statues, street 'bands', fire eaters, jugglers

Recent Work

  • portraits - retratos by Bernhard Matejka
  • mariachi by Bernhard Matejka
  • Ky Baldwin, Pitt Street, Sydney, Australia 2014 by muz2142
  • The Canvas by Ben Loveday
  • Crystal Ball Gazing by Ben Loveday
  • Stringybark, Parramatta Park, Australia Day 2006 by muz2142
  • clown II - payaso by Bernhard Matejka
  • L'Inverno by Ben Loveday
  • sunset with culture - puesta del sol con cultura by Bernhard Matejka
  • Gypsy, Vicenza, Italy by waddleudo
  • artwork and artist - arte y artista by Bernhard Matejka
  • The Balladeer by Ben Loveday

About This Group

A group, honouring and dedicated to the time-honoured tradition of busking on the CBD streets for a potential coin, a group for those street performers who manage to give you goosebumps, who cheer up your day and put a smile on your face :o)

ABSOLUTELY NO PERFORMING ANIMALS, with or without humans, this also applies to images of/from Circus’ and rodeos! No images of bronc/bull riding! This group is for and about humans only.

Accepted images – buskers/street musicians, mime artists/street ‘live’ statues, street ‘bands’ (duo’s trio’s, quartets, etc), fire eaters, jugglers, etc

♦ please include a ‘when/where/who’ style of image description, even if only small (City, Country, when where who, if known?) helps add a bit of interest to the subject, and perhaps supports the busker in a way too :o)

♦ Images should be natural (colour/B&W/sepia) with minimal post-editting of people entertaining, specifically “busking”.
♦ No added frames or borders/no digitally added text
♦ No heavy HDR/added layers or textures/over-editting

♦ Please respect your hosts’ moderating decisions – we’re volunteers

See the group rules and join this group here

Your Hosts