Bubbler Portraits **NOW CLOSED**

Thank You to all our contributers- The group is now closed but please enjoy previous works.

Recent Work

  • Broken by helene ruiz
  • The Gifts by Inese
  • Selfie by Jan Szymczuk
  • Words, Sticks and Stones. by Heidi Erisman
  • Anna by Jan Szymczuk
  • I see you by Susan van Zyl
  • The General by Jan Szymczuk
  • I wonder by Susan van Zyl
  • Pulled Over by hickerson
  • JHT the Thinker by Jason Hampton-Taylor
  • Ophelia by Inese
  • THE FIRE ELEMENTAL !  by Ray Jackson

About This Group

This group is ONLY about artists drawing & painting other redbubble artists & self portraits

Our Current Group Avatar
Green with Self by Kenmeyerjr

Amanda G Wright Challenge Winner
Amanda G by Matt Mawson

General Rules for Submission

Traditional Art Only- All Mediums Accepted- Digital Painting allowed if drawn from scratch (this will be at the hosts discretion)

Please state clearly in your description or title that the work is either a self portrait or a portrait of a fellow artist- If you are painting a fellow artist, please include a link to their redbubble gallery in your description if possible

No other types of portrait are accepted.Please check out these groups for your more general portrait works 1 on 1 The Fine Art of Portraiture
Or if your portrait is done with soft or oil pastels, submit it to the Pastel Portraits, Florals and Still Life group, following their rules.

For Inspiration please visit our Model Agency, where our lovely artists share photos for you to draw BUBBLERS MODEL AGENCY
The Group hosts Monthly Model & Avatar Challenges and Monthly Featured Gallery

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.

Your Hosts