Bubble Boutique

A place to have fun with photographs and fashion illustration of clothing and accessories from all eras -

Recent Work

  • Camarque Gardian by phil decocco
  • Ragazza by phil decocco
  • "You Talking To Me....." by phil decocco
  • Bright New Runners!  by Heather Friedman
  • Gathering by WoolleyWorld
  • Shoeless Mendicant by phil decocco
  • Thinking It Over by phil decocco
  • Shopkeeper by phil decocco
  • Lanvin Dress by Kristina Fekhtman
  • Date in Paris by Kristina Fekhtman
  • Head Toter by phil decocco
  • Catalan Woman by phil decocco

About This Group

This is a group to focus on clothing and accessories – shoes, hats, handbags, jewellery….photographs and illustrations of them, covering all eras and styles. The focus of the photograph or illustration MUST BE the clothing and or accessories.

Submissions will be accepted into the group if it is obvious in the thumbnail that clothing or accessories is the focus of the photograph or illustration.

If you are very interested in fashion and clothing and would perhaps like to co-host in this group please bmail Soxy

See the group rules and join this group here