Bryce and Beyond - 2 per day

Any 3D Software, pictures must have a 3D look.

Recent Work

  • Unfolding by Hugh Fathers
  • anticipation by shadowlea
  • Reflections of Infinity by Hugh Fathers
  • How Wide Can You Open Your Heart? by barrowda
  • DREAM TIME ECHOES by shadowlea
  • Quadrics SliceEx by James Brotherton
  • The Approach Of Winter by James Brotherton
  • ARURU by shadowlea
  • Red Curry Dreaming  by Hugh Fathers
  • Nest Of The Alien Creatures by James Brotherton
  • Spherical Dreams by Hugh Fathers
  • Broken by hotamr

About This Group

Bryce and Beyond: For people who love their 3D Software! And have gone beyond its limits! The groups pictures must be based on (at least 80%) Bryce, Carrara , Daz, Poser, Groboto, cinema4D, Maya, Vue, and 20% can be photoshopped or imported in. We are happy to announce that we are accepting fractals that are in a 3D forum! I’ve heard it said that using these programs does not make you an artist so let’s show those people otherwise! Please mention what software you used! We would like to keep this group family friendly. No Nudes will be accepted!

New as of 8-11-2013:
Due to recent events , in order to receive the services of this group, by joining or remaining in this group after each update of the rules or changes in rules, all members acknowledge that their works may be used as banners, avatars, and posted in the forums or messages, etc, without direct permission from the host. It is implied that if you are a member of this group that you are granting limited, fair use of your works ONLY for use in THIS group (Bryce and Beyond) as referenced. All Images will have credit with links to the artist. Each member understands that if your image is used, it is for the following: Features, Messages, Awards, Banners, Forums, Avatars, Promotion, etc. This is a means of promoting your wonderful work and is in no way copyright infringement as the use is credited. If you would like to be invited, please send me a request. I will no longer try to increase our membership by seeking out lovely works and asking artists to join. It is sad that Redbubble has caused this, but since RB states that HOSTS are responsible for everything in their group, these are the rules.
Each member additionally acknowledges that entering or remaining in this group will serve as a digital signature for all uses expressed above. If you have issues with this, do not join the group, remark on challenges within the group or enter the challenges. This group is limited to members. Any infringement of copyright or other is not intentional. I choose to share works within this group simply because I enjoy them, want to promote them to others to increase the sales of the artist and to inspire others. If the artist does not intend to do this within the group, then there is no reason to be in the group and you can click the Leave Group button at the top right of this screen.

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