British Wildlife (Mammals) 3 A DAY

A New Group Dedicated To The Beauty Of Mammals Residing In Great Britain


  • otter  by Brett  Watson
  • Squirrel in the Snow by AnnDixon
  • Stoat by Christopher Lloyd
  • Caught in the act by missmoneypenny
  • Otter Portrait by Christopher Lloyd
  • polecat  by jdude
  • Munching Mickey by missmoneypenny
  • Just Having a Rest by dilouise
  • Polecat Gnawing by Christopher Lloyd
  • Red Squirrel by David Barnes
  • Otterly in Love : Protecting Wildlife by AnnDixon
  • otter  by Brett  Watson
  • Who Ate All The Leaves? by CBoyle
  • A Lovely Vixen by Dorothy Thomson
  • Roe Deer by Christopher Lloyd
  •  buck in autumn by Brett  Watson
  • Red Squirrel Ambush by kernuak
  • Red Squirrel Peek-a-boo by kernuak