British Wildlife (Mammals) 3 A DAY

A New Group Dedicated To The Beauty Of Mammals Residing In Great Britain

Recent Work

  • otter  by Brett  Watson
  • Squirrel in the Snow by AnnDixon
  • Stoat by Christopher Lloyd
  • Caught in the act by missmoneypenny
  • Otter Portrait by Christopher Lloyd
  • polecat  by jdude
  • Munching Mickey by missmoneypenny
  • Just Having a Rest by dilouise
  • Polecat Gnawing by Christopher Lloyd
  • Red Squirrel by David Barnes
  • Otterly in Love : Protecting Wildlife by AnnDixon
  • otter  by Brett  Watson

About This Group

This new group welcomes all photographers and artists who have access to the beautiful native and naturalised mammals of Great Britain.

Sister group to British Wildlife Birds

Hoping to help and inspire photographers/artists at all levels

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Winner Of The Favourite Mammal In The Wild Challenge by webbo

An Example Of Work By Featured Member hovis

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