Britain's Coastline

Group Rules:


The biggest change is that for now membership is by invite only and no further works will be accepted. I intend to undertake a ‘deep clean’ of all images to whittle them down to the very best examples.

I will consult with the other moderators but if anyone is interested in taking over the group please feel fre to contact me by BM.

In view of this please ignore what is below for now.

Thank You
Steven Dale
Images must be of the coastline of Britain (including Eire, the Channel Islands and other small islands generally considered as part of the British Isles, such as the Isle of Man, Lindisfarne and the Outer Hebrides).

Images must include sea and land. They can include piers, jetties and harbours but must be recognizable and not abstract images. MOST IMPORTANTLY – MUST NOT BE THE MAIN FEATURE. EMPHASIS ON NATURAL COASTLINE.

Straight photographs are preferred, rather than those that have been heavily post-processed such as HDR images. However, colour, monochrome and black & white are equally welcome.

*Images with people in them will be rejected unless they are a tiny proportion of the total image (such as in the far distance). The emphasis is on the coastline.

The usual rules about respecting others, no racism, no pornography etc apply. Finally, the decisions of the hosts is final, without appeal. If one host rejects an image, it is rejected.

In view of problems with folk submitting images without sufficient info on location I add the following guidelines:

Sorry to be a bit of a pain but we DO need more info on location when submitting to the group. Folk seem to be in the habit of not reading the guidelines I am afraid and so its taking me 5 times as long (or longer) to approve images as I have to keep leaving messages/comments and also re-checking to see if the info has been added.

So PLEASE include the following info:

1. Local name of scene (Name of beach, cover or cliff for example). if looking towards another place (across the bay for example, please also include this info if relevant)
2. Nearest village, town or city
3. County it is in

NOTE: Without at least two, the image will be rejected (with one of standard reasons given)*

1. OS Map reference
2. Google Maps link
3. GPS reference data

If you include any of these three you will earn big brownie points with your hosts and make lots of others very happy! if I could reward you with something more substantial than a hearty thanks I would.

Thank you for your patience and hopefully new members will read the guidelines before submitting (he says in hope!)

Steve ;-)
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