A group for people using RedBubble to create a branded line of clothing.

Recent Work

  • Misfit Bugs by ZOMBIETEETH
  • butt head by Pete McConvill
  • Roar by KillbotClothing
  • Zombie College by ZOMBIETEETH
  • Next big thing REDUX by ZOMBIETEETH
  • primitive community by redboy
  • tribal voice by redboy
  • primitve yin yang by redboy
  • urban city snake by redboy
  • football by redboy
  • football 3 by redboy
  • football 4 by redboy

About This Group

‘Branded’ is a group for people using RedBubble to create a line of clothing that displays a clear branding.

The group exists primarily for brand-minded artists to share their work with each other, but also for the sharing of thoughts on the marketing and artistic aspects of branded clothing.

‘Branded’ accepts submissions of clothing with a clear and obvious brand. Clothing without obvious brand characteristics will be rejected.

The ‘Branded’ cover image was taken by John C. H. Grabill and has been modified and used in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 licence.

See the group rules and join this group here

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