Body of Work

A group that features only one exceptional artist's work at a time and displays some of their best images.

Recent Work

  • Timeless... by Tony Middleton
  • nature's private spa pool...Nth Qld by Tony Middleton
  • twilight glow by Tony Middleton
  • safe anchorage by Tony Middleton
  • folding water by Tony Middleton
  • those rocks...that water... by Tony Middleton
  • 4 seconds over Flinders by Tony Middleton
  • The crystal ball by Tony Middleton
  • cliffs edge by Tony Middleton
  • Moonlight falls by Tony Middleton
  • against the grain...Nth Qld. by Tony Middleton
  • Heart Reef  by Tony Middleton

About This Group

This group is to promote the work of one exceptional RB artist at a time – people who have a body of work – at least 12 images, works of art or pieces of writing that are consistently high quality and show an exceptional degree of creativity, technique, craft skill, thought and beauty or interest. These are the people who inspire you on RB and who you leap to add to your Watchlist when you come across them, even when their art form may be completely different to your own.
One artist will be featured each week.
So come and join and be inspired and have the very best of RB delivered to your doorstep.
Posting of works to this group is by invitation only – only featured artists will be able to post 12 of their works for their feature.

See the group rules and join this group here