Blur - no software trickery or digital additions

The focus is on the unfocussed. (Created by hand or in-camera.)

Recent Work

  • Life Is Short by Ben Loveday
  • black eyes by sleepwalker
  • A Paradise ... by Angelika  Vogel
  • Untitled by sleepwalker
  • Winter Fragility by denis-romanov
  • Puffy Reed in Sunny Winter Day by denis-romanov
  • T's Living Room by John Douglas
  • Winter Cherry in a Row by denis-romanov
  • Winter Cherry under the Snow by denis-romanov
  • Midnight Garden cycle24 6 by John Douglas
  • Tyler in Forest by Ali Choudhry
  • Frozen Basswood Leaves by denis-romanov

About This Group

For blurriness created by hand or in-camera ONLY. [i.e. NO photo-editing software/digital manipulation.] NO FLOWERS.

Drizzling paint, unfocussed photos, blur, motion, bleeding washes, dribbles, scrawling drawing. Blur as aspect or entirety of image.

No computer post-work beyond basic exposure corrections. Please do not submit art with computer added text (including digital artist signatures)/ cut-outs/ borders etc.
Preference is for work submitted as “image only” as the default view. Art with the default image as a product may be rejected.

This group does not accept imagery of bugs; pets and flowers; cute children; sentimental “Hallmark” style portraiture. Many other groups cater to these themes.

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