Out of the Blue (75%+ Blue)

A place to celebrate blue

Recent Work

  • Gods Way Of Saying "Enjoy!" by Dana Yoachum
  • breath of August by tensil
  • cherokee blue by irishgirl7
  • Blue Infinity by JennyRainbow
  • Wispy #5 by Laurie Minor
  • Wispy #6 by Laurie Minor
  • celery top lakes by Lily Philp
  • Museo San Frnacisco by phil decocco
  • Flying At It's Best...... by lynn carter
  • MARILYN IN BLUES by Tammera
  • The Botanist's Daughter by ChristianSchloe
  • Fishing Floats by Nic Squirrell

About This Group

‘Out of The Blue’ is a group designed to celebrate the colour…you guessed it – blue! It is a place to share all predominantly blue artwork and photos. All media and all subjects are welcome.

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Congratulations to John Poon winner in our Best of 2012 Challenge!

Group Launched September 30, 2007

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