Blooming Trees - 2 per day

Group Rules:

The group intends to be a companion to the existing Tree group. We wish to see the Blossom of a Tree, showing the whole tree or a substantial part of it.

If possible, the name of the tree and the location would be nice to be included in the desciption, but is not essential.

Only Tree Blossom will be accepted, some post editing is acceptable.

While the accent of the group is on trees in bloom, we will accept some closer views of blossoms of trees, but we need to be able to tell that it is indeed a TREE – please no extreme macros.

At the moment we shall keep to unlimited total, but will accept only 2 per day.

CHALLENGE RULES: You must be enter your work into the group BEFORE entering a challenge. Work that is not in the group will be removed from group challenges to be fair to our members.