Blood & Gore

A group for those who prefer their art to be a little more...bloody.

Recent Work

  • sacrifice by hannimus
  • Shattered and Hollow — “Falling Apart” Series 2 by Jxyden-J
  • Melting Away — “Falling Apart” Series 1 by Jxyden-J
  • Amity Island - Shark Harbor Patrol by Nemons
  • Jeremy by American  Artist
  • Skull and cup by Nightmare-13
  • Untitled by Patrickauger
  • Simple Red by Tua Portal
  • Reclaimed ... or ... Skull Faced Zombie Says Hi by byronrempel
  • Lost boys by American  Artist
  • Master Blaster by American  Artist
  • Mad MAx by American  Artist

About This Group

This group is for horror artists that love blood and gore.

We accept all forms of artwork, as long as they contain blood and/or gore.

See the group rules and join this group here

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