Black & White Spotlight ~ THE MASTERS

Dedicated to recognising the very best of Redbubble's Black & White Photographers ~ THE MASTERS!

Recent Work

  • Behind Shutters ... by Berns
  • Under the Wall Light by Maxoperandi
  • Open Gate by Jean M. Laffitau
  • Black shower, old rope and naked body by Anton Oparin
  • Naked body on the bed by Anton Oparin
  • Winning Smile by Jean M. Laffitau
  • The Town Hall by Berns
  • The Vantage Point by Berns
  • Waterfall by John Velocci
  • Swing of the Century by John Velocci
  • Mono world by clickinhistory
  • Unrequited love by Anton Oparin

About This Group

We want to recognise the very best of Redbubble’s Black & White photographers, those artists that have mastered thier craft and inspire all of us with the allure of thier skill. The task of moderating images will be ruthless, we want the absolute best you have to offer! Anything less just won’t do..

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