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This group proudly exhibits ♦pure♦ black and white photography only - no sepia/duotones!

Negative Space

This challenge closed about 7 years ago.

The Challenge

Some of us struggle with an image that has a ‘void’ or a vast empty space! For some, that emptiness doesn’t always sit easily, and often awkwardly … so then, a challenge about negative space! Any subject matter (except nudes! NO NUDES please, this time) with 75% of the image dedicated to negative space


♦ NORMAL GROUP GUIDELINES APPLY – no sepia/colour tones/split/duo tones, no frames/borders, no text/signatures

♦ Images submitted that are not focused on the topic of the challenge will be removed.
Your hosts really don’t enjoy removing images, so please make sure the image sumitted is the right choice for the challenge.

♦ Images MUST be submitted to the group for approval.
♦ Challenge is moderated and checked regularly, NON APPROVED IMAGES WILL BE REMOVED!

Judging / Voting Criteria

♦ Do the images submitted, focus on and
CLEARLY portray the topic of this challenge??
- 75% of the image dedicated to negative space

Rewards & Prizes

Our brand new challenge banners, courtesy
of Laurie Minor and Jannina

Additional Information

Cover Image: Dipped in Liquid.. by Berns


The Top Ten

My door is always open by Richard Pitman

My door is always open by Richard Pitman was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 12 votes.

  • Light play #2 by Miron Abramovici
  • Bow by jon  daly
  • In the Middle of the Night (Belden Bullock) by Jean M. Laffitau
  • Wild Thing..I Think I love you.. by Berns
  • The Jazz Singer by Trish Woodford
  • Just One Orchid by Mojca Savicki
  • Its hard letting go! SP B/W (For Madworld) No 1 of 5. by David  Howarth
  • Fireside Contemplation by Timothy Eric Hites
  • Make Yourself Heard by Natalie Ord

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