Black and White Film

Black and White Film Photography

Recent Work

  • The South Coast 1 by Andrew Smyth
  • The House of Life by Andrew Smyth
  • Boat and Creel Nets by David Bowman
  • Are We Betraying The Planet? by Sam Warner
  • Detail of Convict Carvings, Ross Bridge, Tasmania by BRogers
  • Lovely Thickset Tree by denis-romanov
  • Window of St Hilary St Martin & St Brice by BRogers
  • Sea Defences in Colwyn Bay by lepoflex
  • Spiky Bridge by BRogers
  • Waves Breaking in Old Colwyn by lepoflex
  • Seascape From Colwyn Bay by lepoflex
  • Marigold by eleniphotos67

About This Group

We are all about black and white film. This group has been formed to support all old school black and white photographers. Whether it is darkroom photography, or scanned into the computer it is all acceptable.

All Black and White Film Photography images MUST, repeat, MUST be Black and White Film Photographs.
The BRAND of film used (Eg. Kodak; ILFORD; Fuji; etc.) MUST be mentioned in image description.
The TYPE of film used (Eg. TMAX 100, Delta 100, Neopan Acros; etc.) MUST be mentioned.

Please note that images originally captured digitally should NOT be submitted to this group.

Feel free to bubblemail your hosts for advice or clarification.

See the group rules and join this group here

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