The Bits & Pieces Group encompasses all types of art & writings...we welcome any artist or writer with open arms.

Recent Work

  • Glowing Squalls and Rain Showers by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Lost In The City by Karen Stahlros
  • Sunrise on Fronn by blacknight
  • Satin Silver Saxophone on Black Velvet by Kathryn Jones
  • UnFlappable by Alma Lee
  • One too Many Pets by Alma Lee
  • Summer Wine 26 by Richard Maier
  • Heavenly lit by su2anne
  • Blossoms of Spring - Montana Clematis by MidnightMelody
  • Down the hatch by Heather King
  • Thistle Awesomeness by AraljanFusion
  • Magnificent Magnolia by Evita

About This Group

About This Group

The Bits & Pieces Group although we initially started out accepting pieces of art
and writings that did not fit into any other Groups….we have grown and now feel
that we will accept any art and writings as long as they meet the Group’s guidelines
and are accepting “bits and pieces” that have been accepted by other Groups…
..for people new to writing… and anything else they may need a hand with……….where novices can post without feeling self conscious …..
…..a place where everyone with a love for expressions can meet and greet……and say…”.Hey…… can I finish this off..”
Or where ones upload has been exceeded….and a refuge is needed until they can post again….
This is just a “Pub on the Corner” type place…….
….we like to think of it as “BIPS” where our beeps of imagination become beautiful songs!
This group is dedicated in loving memory of Pagly2 (Trisha), who originated this Group
and left sweet memories for all who knew her!!


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