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  • Tori Sidwell

    Mr & Mrs by Tori Sidwell

    You’ve Made A Promise To Stay Together,…

    To Live As One For Ever And Ever.

    This Is One Day You’ll Never Forget.

    One Day In Your Lives You’ll Never Regret.

    With Joy And Love That All Can See.

    You Two A

    61 words
  • Tori Sidwell

    What am I? by Tori Sidwell

    I Wake.
    I Make.
    I Cook.
    I Scrub.
    I Brush.
    I Clean.
    I Shop.
    I Bake.
    I Walk.
    I Plan.
    I Iron.
    I Wash.
    I Nurse.
    I Laugh.
    I Cry.
    I Do.
    I Don’t.
    I Fold.
    I Stack.
    I Pack.
    I See.
    I Play.
    I Sleep.…

    I do NOTHING.


    56 words
  • Tori Sidwell

    Springtime Wonder by Tori Sidwell

    Sun rays beating down
    Crisp cold dawn
    Dawn chorus
    Mil due glistens
    Blue skies stretch across
    Rose buds open
    Nature awakens
    Emerging from its winter slumber
    Babies everywhere
    Cute and fluffy
    Emerald grass
    A r…

    51 words
  • Tori Sidwell

    Motherhood by Tori Sidwell

    Tiny feet and tiny toes
    Chuckles and laughter
    Cute button nose
    Sparkling eyes
    Sleepless nights
    Orange clothes from yummy delights
    All the tears
    All the cries
    I love your look of complete surprise.
    Mumble, ba…

    77 words
  • nickowen

    For Remembrance by nickowen

    When the sun becomes a ball of fire
    And the sky a vivid glorious red
    I will remember you
    The passion in our loving
    Never stale and always new

    155 words
  • Gretchen O'Donald

    Celotape by Gretchen O'Donald

    Fizz…. Shhhh! I can’t find the end.
    I’m picking, running my nail across the surface, shiny.
    Exhaled air…. Shhh! I can’t find the end!
    I’m changing direction and trying again.

    82 words
  • Gretchen O'Donald

    A Shoulder To Cry On by Gretchen O'Donald

    A million beasts dissolve in to darkness as I sit and swill my blood, with contemplative expressions, a harp for a heart, each tender pluck a different sound. … I lis…

    164 words
  • Gretchen O'Donald

    I Lost It ... (#205) by Gretchen O'Donald

    I wrote something down the other day, on the back of a bit of note paper, or a receipt, I don’t remember, but it was good and I lost it, it was good, the words made sense, but I lost it…
    And now I don…

    117 words
  • Gretchen O'Donald

    If music be the food of love then I’ll have a full Englis... by Gretchen O'Donald

    I have a little secret, I feel I need to share,
    Of love and lust, and sentiments, a clandestine love affair,
    A sin, I know, but what the ho, I feel I must admit,
    I keep the two, because I love them both…

    274 words
  • Gretchen O'Donald

    50 pro’s and con’s about being creative: by Gretchen O'Donald

    50 pro’s and con’s about being creative:

    338 words
  • DreddArt

    One Touch by DreddArt

    Two together and never apart
    Two bodies and two hearts
    Two as one always
    Never turn away
    Just stay

    88 words
  • Gretchen O'Donald

    Thinking.. by Gretchen O'Donald

    …watching the light fade on my bedroom walls, as the sun folds up another day, neatly stowing it away, I think of you. I
    think of leaning in close to steal an unimportant kiss on a bus, and how, some…

    280 words
  • Gretchen O'Donald

    Thief by Gretchen O'Donald

    You lowered your hand once,
    To the floor where I lay,
    With conviction in darkness,
    You stole my palm away…
    Juvenile I, with my heart on my sleeve,
    I’m nothing but dough eyed,
    As you drift away……

    I still

    166 words
  • Medusa

    Blurry by Medusa

    I said, love will tear us apart
    But I’m in pieces without it…

    102 words
  • Medusa

    Echoes by Medusa

    Tortured man, tongue-tied, unable to love…

    101 words
  • nickowen

    I do not walk alone by nickowen

    I surge through snows so deep
    So very deep
    Above the bones
    Above the town
    In sparkling sunlight
    My soul flying so free
    The single track upon the earth
    Holds you inside of me

    213 words
  • Gretchen O'Donald

    Applause for Mr Thompson by Gretchen O'Donald

    Irony’s the chance connection that goes beyond the evident meaning,
    the inaptness between the actual and expected.
    and that’s reflected, quiet inaptly by the TV nowadays,
    and the adverts telling all of …

    157 words
  • nickowen

    Grief no longer comes in waves by nickowen

    Grief no longer comes in waves
    It is more like the wind
    Sometimes blowing through me
    As if I am no longer material

    576 words