Bird Photography (D-SLR Only) (2 Per Day)

A group dedicated to the advanced photographer contributing top of the line bird images throughout the world.


  • Riding On The WinD by Graeme M
  • Fork in the road by Heather King
  • Little Egret Take-off by MikeSquires
  • The Inquisition by lizdomett
  • Piping Oystercatchers by MikeSquires
  • Get A Grip by Heather King
  • Belted KIngfishers by (Tallow) Dave  Van de Laar
  • Great Egret 2017-7 by Thomas Young
  • Future Podiatrist  by Heather King
  • It's All Downhill From Here by CBoyle
  • Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird - View Large by barnsis
  • Falcon portrait by lizdomett
  • Harbour life by LudaNayvelt
  • Great Egret 2017-6 by Thomas Young
  • Rainbow Bee Eater against Ochre by mncphotography
  • All talk -NZ Falcon by lizdomett
  • Privacy Please by Cynthia48
  • Common Loon  by Rob Lavoie