BIG CATS - CLOSED Temporaily

LOCATION of where the image was taken MUST be in either the title or description. Dedicated to photographs and artists of BIG CATS (TWO per 24 Hour Period.)

Recent Work

  • Jaguar Waterfall by Walter Colvin
  • Jaguar Stalking Prey by Walter Colvin
  • Sleepy kitty by Jinx13
  • Out for a little stroll!! by Anthony Goldman
  • Looking Around by S. Daniel McPhail
  • Sumatran Tiger by Sandra Chung
  • Almost Invisible by Sandra Chung
  • White Tiger 4 by Leanne Allen
  • Nap Time by Jinx13
  • Mother and Son. by Dorothy Thomson
  • Jungle Walker by Sandra Chung
  • Ready for a Close Up by S. Daniel McPhail

About This Group

Dedicated to photographs and art featuring the Big Cats:
Lions, Tigers, Cougars, Leopards, Jaguars, Cheetahs, etc.

African Wild Cat/African Golden Cat/Andean Mountain Cat/Asian Leopard Cat/Bay Cat/Black-Footed Cat/Bobcat/Caracal/Cheetah/Chinese Desert Cat/Clouded Leopard/Cougar/European Wildcat/Fishing Cat/Flat-Headed Cat/Geoffroy’s Cat/Irimote Cat/Jaguar/Janguarundi/Jungle Cat/Kodkod/Leopard/Lion/Lynx-Canadian, Eurasian and Iberian/Marbled Cat/Margay/Ocelot/Oncilla/Pallas Cat/Pampas Cat/Rusty-Spotted Cat/Sand Cat/Serval/Snow Leopard/Temminck’s Golden Cat/Tiger

Although some of the felines listed above are smaller than others, they are none-the-less wild and exotic.
Please, NO images of domestic cats (large or small) and NO iPhone images.
Art relating only to the Big Cats are welcome – Photographs, Paintings, T-Shirts, Sculptures, etc.
Art derived from Zoological Parks, Conservation Centers or Wildlife Parks are permitted alongside works from their natural habitat.

Trainers in normal training attire only will be accepted with Big Cat images.

Jo and Barb

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February 2013 -
Sumatran Tiger – Angela Humphries

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A Once in a Lifetime Experience – by Damienne Bingham

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