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A group that focuses on originality and quality, for t-shirt fans and designers!

Recent Work

  • KEEP CALM - Keep Calm and Eat Hunny by hocapontas
  • COFFEE LOVERS by Fernando Sala
  • Untitled by Fernando Sala
  • GAMER BADGE by strangethingsA
  • THE SUPER 80's LOVER by Fernando Sala
  • I Have the High Ground by Olipop
  • Purrevolucion by GrizzlyGaz
  • Cthulhu by GrizzlyGaz
  • ADCD Dyslexic Edition by Ikado Art
  • Muay Thai Power Shield - Tiger - Thailand Martial Art by lu2k
  • X1 BEER by Fernando Sala
  • Covfefe by the50ftsnail

About This Group

We are a group focused on quality t-shirt designs. We created this group because there was no group yet for high-quality (and original) t-shirt designs, most of the groups were just too specific.

Join if you want to be part of an active group, we organize a lot of challenges to constantly improve the group!

See the group rules and join this group here

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