Best Treatment

Ever taken a photo of something and someone else comes along and takes a better one? Well maybe next time your's will be better!

Recent Work

  • Golden Gate Golden Sunset by Jo Nijenhuis
  • Golden Gate by Anne-Marie Bokslag
  • Golden Fog by SueAnne
  • bird bubbles by farmdogger
  • Shadowed by maria80
  • In a Fog by EvaMcDermott
  • Night and Day by farmdogger
  • Bridge through clouds by farmdogger
  • Not so Golden Gate Bridge by farmdogger
  • Rising Above the Fog by Patricia Montgomery
  • Dense Fog by Patricia Montgomery
  • Opera Arch by rosina lamberti

About This Group

This group is a showcase for photographers who have taken a picture of something that other people have also shot. The group will be based around continual challenges to showcase your photographs of things that RedBubblers all over the World have also photographed and then group members will vote on the best treatment of that subject.

At this stage we are looking for specific images of the same thing or place. i.e. The Sydney Opera House. or The San Francisco Bridge. We know that many of you may not have images of the things that are set as challenges, just go ahead and suggest something you do have a shot of in the forums

We want members to suggest the subjects and we want members to actively comment on each others “Treatment” of the subject.

We expect lively discussion in the forums and in comments of each others work….join this group and learn how to take the perfect photograph.

See the group rules and join this group here

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