2 CARDS/Day (No Pets) - The Best of Your Best (Default Images Only)

This group is for the *BEST OF YOUR IMAGES, DIGITAL and TRADITIONAL ART* to sell the best cards available at RedBubble. If your work was removed or rejected, please re-visit our guidelines.

Recent Work

  • Autumn in Bridgetown, Western Australia by Elaine Teague
  • The Parish Church of St. Mary Snettisham  Norfolk UK by Billlee
  • "Good Morning" Amish Horses. by Billlee
  • ITS OUR SECRET - BLACK FACED IMPALA - Aepyceros melampus by Magriet Meintjes
  • In Early Spring by PolkaDotStudio
  • Gentle Waves  by Cynthia48
  • Morning  'Mistery' by Billlee
  • Scoops by Valerie Rosen
  • Monument by John Velocci
  • Head to Head with Friends by AnnDixon
  • Love by aldona
  • Hanging Feather Plant by John Butler

About This Group

Only the top quality will be accepted
Host will not engage in explanations for why work is not accepted.

Repeated offenders will be removed from the group
Members must self-moderate before the hosts do the final moderation!
Don’t submit every new work, we only want the very best.
- Don’t re-submit rejected work. 
- Don’t enter more than one version of the same image.
If a work has been admitted by mistake and we notice it afterwards, it will be removed.
New rule: The work you upload must be yours.*+

*Ratio for RB’s card is 3:2

This group focuses on your best photography, digital art, paintings and other artistic work displaying a high degree of quality and creativity. The group will then showcase your work to sell the VERY BEST CARDS available on RedBubble.

It is imperative that all submissions to this group are correctly sized. The easiest way to check this is to click “Post Cards” or “Cards”. If you see a white border around your card, it means that it’s NOT correctly sized for a card or postcard. Such an image will not be accepted by the moderators of this group.

Here is an image that incorrectly fits and leaves uneven white spaces at the top, bottom, and sides:


Here is the CORRECT look:

This method will insure a full bleed for the best in quality product.

We regularly feature a few works about once a week. All featured images get this group’s feature banner:

Please click on the “Join Group” link below, where you will find our general Group Guidelines. Please do take the time to read them to help maintain the overall goal of the group…. to sell quality cards!

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