Beige is death!

The place to rage against a world gone beige in all its manifestations: aesthetic, social and political.

Recent Work

  • Girl Jesus by Sylvia Lizarraga by Sylvia Lizarraga
  • MSA #5 by fenjay
  • The Last Hot Dog Stand on Mars by Nadya Johnson
  • ~ But we came 80,000 light years! ~ by Nadya Johnson
  • Unicorn Evolution (Noah is a jerk) by jezkemp
  • Fog and Light by Mary Ann Reilly
  • Respray by Ben Loveday
  • In The Skin by tastypaper
  • PARADE SAN FRANCISCO PRIDE by Thomas Barker-Detwiler
  • Pollock naked by Graham Farquhar
  • shiv by ramya kapula
  • Time Passages by Nadya Johnson

About This Group

Beige: n., adj, very light brown, as of undyed wool; light grey with brownish tinge; also pertaining to a crushing social, aesthetic or political compulsion for the ordinary, nice or non-confrontational.

This is a place of catharsis. It’s for Redbubblers who know they would love the anonymous Melbourne stencilist whose work (“Burn normality”) we’re using as our logo. *Please take special note: If your shot is only all about lots of colour, this isn’t the group for it*, sorry, but we gotta stay on topic.

This is the place to rage against a world gone “beige”. It’s the grungy couch out the back where people sit around a fire of smashed up pallets, it’s cask wine and cheap beer drunk with mates who’ll talk politics with gusto and passion. It’s people whose homes say something about themselves other than, “I want to be just like everybody else”. It’s wild street people. It’s architecture that shocks and delights. It’s the place where you get to say how mad, bad and off-the-planet you’d love the world to be. All that sort of stuff.

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