Beginner's Expressions

Beginner’s Expressions is for those who are early in their creative journey.

Recent Work

  • Landscape 1063 by Nurhilal Harsa
  • Landscape 1062 by Nurhilal Harsa
  • Landscape 1061 by Nurhilal Harsa
  • Clyde by Ladymoose
  • Red Clay (ca. 2010) by Penny Vogan
  • A Famous Walker In the Grass, John F. Kennedy  by daphsam
  • Snowflakes Dancing In the Night by daphsam
  • Kerr Mill 2 by Cynthia48
  • Landscape 1960 by Nurhilal Harsa
  • Landscape 1057 by Nurhilal Harsa
  • Landscape 1055 by Nurhilal Harsa
  • Landscape 1051 by Nurhilal Harsa

About This Group

Beginner’s Expressions is for those who are early in their creative journey. If you are just getting your creative feet or feeling a bit uncertain about a new sort of work, you can put it up here. You can ask for feedback if you want. We also welcome our more experienced friends who want to join as well. Feel free to post journal entries or links through to articles which may help us all as we grow. The forum is for us all to share tips, advice and build friendships.

This group isn’t limited to just beginner’s who have just picked up a camera….it also caters to Photoshop beginners, creative writings, arts, clothing, etc.
As a member of this group, you may be asked to showcase your work or share a little about yourself and your techniques. You always have the option to decline, but we encourage group participation.

Group Guidelines:
1) Limited upload of 5 images in the group.
2) Please respect each other.
3) No Porn please.
4) Abide by Red Bubble Rules and Terms of Service.
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