Beautiful Women - Models 18+ (2 art per day)

This group is specifically dedicated to women (18+) who are models. Comments are now under About 'Photo Name'.

Recent Work

  • crocokiller by bertipictures
  • Say you'll love me long after I've gone by strawberries
  • apoc-eclipse by 1oldman
  • In my hands by BodyscapeAGU
  • Servants of Dream by Traven Milovich
  • the light by 1oldman
  • Algerian dancer by MarekM
  • Listen, Do you want to know a secret? by Greg McMahon
  • Irish dance by MarekM
  • Sexy Alex by yin7
  • Beware by Greg McMahon
  • Porcelain doll by Greg McMahon

About This Group

This group will provide a home specifically for photos of those women, over the age of 18, trying to make it or who have made it in the modeling world. Scroll down for Special Featured Art.

Simply the best…of the best!

Special Featured Art “the bath by 1oldman”…Selected February 2017

Special Featured Art “20130928 B by Turtle6”…Selected October 2013

Special Featured Art—-“Jessica by the Open Fire by Swede”….Selected December 2012

Special Featured Art—-“Beautiful Composure by EmpoweredBeauty”….Selected November 2012

Special Featured Art—-“Body Beauty by Kim Andelkovic”….Selected September 2012

Special Featured Art—-“Elegant Twirl by Maxoperandi”….Selected July 2012

Special Featured Art—-“Jessamyne 2010 by Tony Lin”…Selected December 2011

Special Featured Art – - – “Falling by T-Pot”…Selected Sept. 2011

Special Featured Art – - – “calm warrior by Anthony Byron”…Selected Sept. 2011

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