Beautiful Melancholy

Group Rules:

♦ Your work must express, interpret, or evoke some feeling along the continuum of sadness. Artistic interpretation of the theme is obviously welcome; though note that we are looking to set a bit of a gloomy tone.
♦ Only image art & a limited number of clothing submissions will be accepted at current. We hope to expand to written works as time allows! All mediums of image art are welcome – photography, painting, drawing, collage, photo manipulation, digital art, etc….
♦ Unlimited Images submissions, but keep to 2/day please
♦ Though there is no submission limit, we do encourage members to regularly change their submissions to the group by removing older work to make room for the new. This is by no means required, but as your emotions change over time, so should our group.
♦ In addition (and for the same reason), our gallery will be regularly culled once it passes 200 pages. It will be a while before this happens!
♦ Nudes will be accepted, however, please keep in mind that we are looking for artististry (Please ensure any relevant works are marked with the Not Safe for Workplace filter).
♦ This is a moderated group. Hosts reserve the right to decline works that are submitted. We are looking for works that fit within the context of the group. Of course if your work is rejected, you are always welcome to bmail a host and ask why. We are always more than happy to discuss our decisions and our reasons with you!
♦ Journal entries currently not permitted
♦ Please Note – if you’re a member of this group then you give permission to have your images picked as the avatar example for group challenges or in promoting the group – thank you! ♥

Hosts commit to:
♦ Organizing a group challenge once a month. We shall do our best to make it extrordinary.
♦ Update the feature gallery on a regular basis (biweekly).
♦ Featuring a different Artist and their work occasionally (monthly at most frequent).
♦ Keep the forums active and interesting as much possible… We’ve all had our down-times, some more than others, and in addition to discussing the art, we hope this will be a place where people may share experiences and inspirations.

Some additional fine print:

Our guidelines also include those of Redbubble as a whole. Please play nice – don’t forget RedBubble Etiquette!

Redbubble and this group exist for you to exhibit your best creative work – please only upload the work that you are proud of.