Beautiful Melancholy

pretty when you cry

Recent Work

  • Squirrel by Alex Preiss
  • Lana by Marta Martinez
  • Swimming Away to Find Peace by Cara Schingeck
  • Manali 2 Himalaya  by Anil Nene
  • Bad Barbee by Alma Lee
  • Crumbling paradise by Sybille Sterk
  • Underwater by Arts Albach
  • The Human Spirit (Drowning in the Abyss) by Ben Loveday
  • "Closeness" by Helenka
  • Untitled by Helenka
  • COCORICO by ARTito
  • Beneath the ice crystals by crystalline

About This Group

Turn that frown upside-down…?

Among the broad spectrum of emotions, “sadness” is viewed as negative. Dark. Colorless. Lonely. In many ways, the opposite of “happiness” (Light. Bright. Positive.), sadness is an emotion we often seek to avoid. And yet, this feeling, embodied as a little black cloud above our heads, is the inspiration for beautiful and enduring works of art. Then, too, works of art—their colors… their curves… the depth of a gaze in a portrait—can evoke a deep-seated feeling of melancholy. If sadness is so disagreeable, than why do we seek it through art? Why do we create when we are sad?

Emotions are subtle and varied. Sadness may be recognized in a range – from a faint, melodious longing to a fierce misery that slips so easily into anger or despair. This group is dedicated to expressing, evoking and interpreting the continuum of sad.

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