Group Rules:

NEW Group Rules

  • No work showing ANYTHING PAST the mid- section of the chest. The FACE HAS TO BE THE ABSOLUTE MAIN FOCUS IN THE IMAGE.* I’m giving some leway as it is hard to truely capture a face without getting some part of a shoulder. Anything that has the chest as a main focus will be rejected.

Profiles are accepted if we can see the profile clearly.
In reviewing the gallery that needs to be cleaned a bit, I realized we need to refine the look of the group and the images we accept. Art will be accepted if it is presented with clarity, uniquness and quality of art. The same for photography, we want to see your best works. We look for clarity, composition and a semi-professional to professional look in the quality

Warning – This is your first and only notice, that if you continue to re-submit images that are rejected, you will be removed from the group without any other notice.*

Please, do not submit images that contain violence, obscenity, profanity, or anything else that is offensive in nature.