BEACH, RIVER and LAKE Treasures (3/24h)

Group Rules:

This group is not really about sunsets and picturesque images, but feel free to add these too as everything to do with rivers, lakes beaches and oceans is accepted. We would like to see more than just snapshots. This group is about what Treasures we can find along our shores, be it a beach, river or lake.

A few simple rules to stick to:

1. Please add the location of where you photographed image. Either in the Title or by the description of that image you enter into this group. Images or artwork must be in relation to beaches, lakes or rivers.

2. Please keep to a limit of Three(3) images per 24 hours. This gives all members a chance to have their work displayed on the front page for a reasonable length of time. As this group is currently not moderated, it’s easy to believe that we as hosts don’t check from time to time – we do! If you are found to be breaching this, all works submitted will be removed. Repeat offenders will be removed from the group.

3. Would be fantastic to have more images entered in challenges too! Esther will be creating a new challenge, hopefully, every fortnight, but that’s a bare minimum and I would hope for at least one a week. Not only that, but we need members to vote when voting period starts – would be fantastic to have you all on board with this one – only takes a moment of your time!

4. This is not a requirement, but adding camera details to your work would be fantastic. Many people ignore them, but there are plenty of people out there that take notice.

5. Lets start using the forums again!! It’s a great way to meet other like minded people and share and discuss camera questions, photo editing software or announcements. All members are free to add whatever they wish.

6. Quality not quantity. Please submit what you consider to be your best work – no snapshots or images not depicting some form of a beach, river or lake.

7. All work is accepted here – be it photos, artwork, journals or writing. Journals and writing must also be related to a beach, river or lake.

8. No nudity whatsoever. We also ask you to follow RedBubble guidelines.

9. Hosts may enter images in challenges as these are voted by group members, however they will not have work featured. Features are weekly and challenge wins will have you as a featured member. Featured members are now capped at five(5). Don’t forget that by enterting your work into the group, you allow the hosts to use your woek as the group avatar or as a challenge avatar.

10. Please respect each other here in the group and most of all; enjoy yourself!

Your group hosts; Esther and Matt.

Any questions or anything else regarding the group? Feel free to drop Matt a BubbleMail.

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