Local Band T-shirts, Posters & Photography

Band and event posters, t-shirts, fliers, promo shots & gig shots

Recent Work

  • SpeedBottles - Skull Flash by adriangemmel
  • Exclusive " Space " a 11 b  (c)(h) olao-olavia by okaio créations 2017 by Olivier Caillaud
  • Cowboy by andy551
  • David Hinds of Steel Pulse by kailani carlson
  •  Christ by andy551
  • Boy & Bear by Deb Kloeden
  • Boy & Bear - David Hosking by Deb Kloeden
  • Mansionair - Jack 2 by Deb Kloeden
  • The Weeknd - Minecraft by Kuilz
  • Shart 69 (Toxic Waste Logo) by SamSinister
  • Lo-Phile Recordings logo by SamSinister
  • Karate warrior by andy551

About This Group

A group to showcase music design to fans of music posters and t-shirts, to promote and support indie bands and provide a place to buy merch and memorabilia.

Please only add tees and posters for local bands or bands you have personally designed for. And only photos you have taken yourself (obviously). And we include things like festivals and multiple band posters you’ve designed.

You can submit fan art to groups like Fan Frenzy and general music t-shirts to We Rock: Musical Art

If it’s local, music themed, and you’ve designed it or taken a photo of it- we want it!

See the group rules and join this group here

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