Bad Apple Artist Collective

The Bad Apples are an International Collective with a shared vision

Recent Work

  • Impermanence by LeaBarozzi
  • Caught Falling Deep by LeaBarozzi
  • In the Garden of Hesperides by MoonSpiral
  • Sowilo by MoonSpiral
  • Sailors' Doom by LeaBarozzi
  • Beautiful Garden by LeaBarozzi
  • Under the Sea by LeaBarozzi
  • Take off your mask by LeaBarozzi
  • Kelpie by Anita Inverarity
  • Queen of Swords by tanyabond
  • Nurse cat by tanyabond
  • Leo by tanyabond

About This Group

The Bad Apple Artist Collective is a collaboration of artists banding together to showcase their arts and have some fun doing so while giving fans new, interactive means to view and appreciate the art and the artists themselves.

Many of us first met via Redbubble but our Face Book page is our most active resource, so if you’d like to see works-in-progress and interact with the artists, Like the Bad Apples on facebook and/or
Follow us on tumblr.

Look out for regular features here and info about our artists coming soon

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Membership of the group is by invite only.